Finding a job can be challenging and stressful. Remote work offers is expected a exponential growth of benefits. It can often be difficult to find a job in an area that you are interested in or have studied for. Knowing how to search for job vacancies, apply for suitable jobs and perform well in the job interview are all keys to getting that job you’re looking for.

You path to getting the job begins with a thorough and careful job search.

Find Freelance Jobs

There are many ways you can find job vacancies. Online job search engines can be very effective for helping you find and apply for jobs in your field of interest.

Some of the search engines you might want to try are:







College Recruiter

Simply Hired






Find Full Time Remote Jobs


Remote ok

Europe Remotely


Remote Global




Remote Work Hub



Virtual Vocations

GitHub Jobs

Skip the drive


Recruitment vocabulary

  • Networking

One of the best ways to find out about job vacancies and get your application to the right person. With successful networking you develop personal contacts who work in different fields. By growing this network, often through social interaction, you can become connected to people who can direct you towards employment vacancies.

For effective networking, it is important to be pleasant, social and interesting. It will become clear if you are only dealing with people for your own personal gain. Be genuine, show interest and use your communication skills.

As a more structured form of networking, you may wish o consider joining and industry association in the industry you would like to work in. Particularly if you have studied in this field, joining an association (which you can find online) enables you to stay up to date with current developments and, more importantly, network with people in the field, which could lead to an employment opportunity.

There are also online discussion groups and social networking groups that can provide similar advantages.


It’s a very popular social media / profesional networking site. Through the website you can connect to people in your field of employment interest.

LinkedIn has become an important recruiting tool for employers of all sizes, and job seekers should know how to best use the tool to aid their hunt.

According to Nicole Williams, a career expert and LinkedIn’s to find potencial hires. Unfortunately, simply having an account won’t do much for you job search. More and more hiring managers are being proactive and looking through LinkedIn profiles to fill vacant positions. For this reason, it’s important that you make your profile complete.

Skills should be kept up to date and detailed, as should work experience. More detailed and complete profiles are much more likely to get noticed.

To draw attention to your profile, you can also use the platform to share news or articles relevant to Remote Workers pf interest. This proves that you are actively in touch with the industry.

Any positive updates to your profile, such as new skills you are developing or volunteer work will help attract attention.