As you know, the current emergency situation presents many challenges. One of them is to be able to follow our economic activity, since in the operation of the Spanish State, it´s Vital for the people who form the current system in the society we are in.

In fact the irreversible situation of Coronavirus COVID – 19 without vaccine, we present locally our support to companies interested to provide a global solution to their employees.
Fortunately, current technological resources allow its workers to keep developing part of their activity through the modality that follows, or through a combination of both, in person and remotely.

This possibility is something that we have already been implementing in our plant for a few years ago and that a part of our workforce has been authorized (due to family reconciliation or special situations), with the responsibility consequent of making this choice.
Currently it´s becoming the early mechanism more efficient to be focus in business, also we are starting implement to reduce the possibility of infection and to restructure the workforce.
For all of that we thank you in advance for your effort and commitment that you are surely having at the moment.

On the other hand, this possibility requires certain formalities that we need to carry out and everything become as rational and equitable as possible, to guaranteeing certain legal aspects as well. We have our own resources, we also have an Online worker board.

The techniques are used will be detailed according to your needs, after formalize as a our network relationships result of April 2020 settlement and once we reach a mutually agreeable.

Our professional objective are always designal to provide the efforts focus in obtain the marked results from a work line established by the two sides.

I would like to have the opportunity to talk with you personally in a next appointment where we can develop your goals and wishes to be part of the TRAIL TRAVEL remote working group.