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Since November 2020 available to companies, citizens and Public Institutions that choose Health and Business as a permanent lifestyle.

The app is only for use by businesses that have already created their FareHarbor profile. Join the remote work team from where you have access to the main management platform and online reservations for activity and tour.img_1603

Before processing the FareHarbor Apple App or FareHarbor Android App download, confirmation of the activation role as Director, Guide, Manager, Payments Setup or Reservationist is required from the business center via email booking@trailtravel.es.


Once we are sure that the connection is activated, we will have to open the App Store on the computer on which we will install FareHarbor.

We are a couple who have discovered the power of managing emotions through different techniques such as the art of writing, which allows, from various approaches and among other things, to gradually advance in achieving the different guidelines that make up the whole of the relationship.img_1606

Simply the day we met, it was decided to stop competing, in order to achieve our goals, as if it were a dream. Our best advice has always been and will be to outline our thoughts in writing, creating a document that smoothes the path that has led us over time, without a doubt, to the strongest idea.img_1607

We try to breathe in the best atmosphere, discerning and calm bilingual speaking. You can work / travel remotely more info at … https://www.trailtravel.es/fareharbor/

Join workgroups to make it easy to stay productive and motivated. We will be able to initiate calls instantly, promote social connection and much more in:



A simple content, showing enthusiasm and being confident throughout proved to be the keys to success. We remember the important fact that this is our research and we´re experts.
By conveying passion in the content and enthusiasm for the findings. By this way, from our homes we have an absolute commitment to the current situation, to companies who needed ours tools and people in the healthy pursuit.