Become as a Digital Nomad

A laptop and an internet connection are all that’s required for some jobs these days – and many globetrotters are making the most of it, living and working in cities across the world.

Some jobs these days require little more than a laptop and an internet connection, allowing many digital nomads the opportunity to live and work in cities across the world. But because they often only stay in a place for a few weeks or months at a time, these specific globetrotters have unique needs when seeking out a place to call home, including reliable internet, flexible visas and good co-working spaces (and/or coffee shops).

One of the biggest mysteries about the digital nomad life is… what do these world travelling wanderers do for work?

It’s a question we get asked a lot.

And to be honest, the answer is so varied. From freelancing to remote work, e-commerce entrepreneur to blogger – the world of digital nomad jobs is so colourful and varied.

Therefore, today we want to present this new concept which the experts foresee an exponential rise in the short term in relation to job offers.
Don’t miss yours!

1. Blogger

Blogging is a very popular digital nomad job that lets you work from anywhere. There are two ways that you can earn a living as a blogger. You can either sell your blogging services to clients and run their blogs or you could run your own blog and monetize it. In fact, you could actually do both! Job Offer

2. Freelance Writer

You can write from literary anywhere. Under a tree, on the bus, at the beach, at a cafe, an office, at home, anywhere you can imagine. This is what makes this job one of the most popular digital nomad jobs.
As a freelance writer you can take on different writing jobs. Types of freelance writing jobs include ghostwriting, web copy writing, product descriptions, creative writing, blogging, essay writing, advertising copywriting, news writer, features writer, press release writer, e-book writer, resume writer, speechwriting, and so much more. Job Offer

3.Cryptocurrency Developer

Seeking candidate with strong problem-solving skills for position working on cryptocurrency development, working on Linux/Unix platforms, and working with relational and NoSQL databases. Prior related work experience required. Work-at-home job. Job Offer

4. SEO Analyst

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an area of specialisation in digital marketing.
Seeking an SEO analyst to conduct website analysis and recommending solutions. Must be highly familiar with SEO practices. Copywriting and graphic design experience are a plus. Remote.
Like PPC, SEO is an area many marketerspeople find mind boggling. How do you even begin to explain how search engines work? Job Offer

5. Copy Editor

Work-at-home opportunity. Responsible for editing content for a wide range of clients, working on various content types, and providing constructive feedback. Strong communication skills are needed. Long-term contract with flexible schedule.

6. Graphic / Web Designer

Web designer is needed for a remote opportunity. Candidate will design, develop, test, implement, and manage various websites. Must have solid knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Prior CMS experience is required.

7. Senior Technical Talent Sourcer

Will work in a remote environment driving the strategic growth of the company’s technical talent, refining the sourcing strategy, sourcing new and active members in the network, creating a stable pipeline, and other tasks. Must be fluent in Russian.

8. Photo Editor

Remote position. Responsibilities include sourcing, selecting, and optimizing images from photo licensing accounts, designing and creating original elements, and successfully monitoring and analyzing website and social media traffic. Job Offer

9. Video Producer

Video producer sought for a full-time, mostly remote job requiring a communications or similar BA/BS, five+ years’ experience in a similar field, Adobe Premiere proficiency, excellent management skills. Will generate digital content, support teams. Job Offer

10. Manual Software Tester

Full-time, work-at-home job. Will work with a team testing new software application features, building regression tests, building scenarios for automated testing, and performing functional and usability testing. Strong analytical skills needed.

11. Math Expert

Provide clear, concise, and quick answers to questions from students. Must be responsive, creative, and collaborative. English proficiency and high school and above mathematics expertise required. Flexible schedule. Job Offer

12. Virtual Assistant

After freelance writer, a virtual assistant is probably one of the most common digital nomad jobs.
A virtual assistant aka VA, is a skilled freelancer who takes on different business support tasks.
A few of the popular services that you can sell as a VA include; translation, data entry, transcription, email marketing, social media management, copywriting, blogging, web design, customer service, bookkeeping, and admin assistance.

13. Social Media Manager

This is someone who maintains social media platforms on behalf of an individual or a company. With the ongoing obsession with social media and the ever-increasing list of platforms, this is a skill that you can easily develop into a service.
If you already enjoy using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc – that’s a great start. Now what you need to do is learn how to use it from a business perspective (i.e. grown audience, generate leads etc).
Once you do, you can quickly start working as a social media manager. Job Offer

14.PPC/Online Advertising Specialist

Businesses, both online and offline are always looking for better ways to market themselves.
Paid advertising is now more popular than ever but it’s still a growing field with room for many more experts. Businesses are often more than willing to outsource this service in order to get maximum revenue per dollar spent.
A PPC or online advertising specialist is hired to advertise ad accounts, create ads, optimise them and deliver the best possible results for a client. Job Offer

15. Translator

Do you love learning foreign languages? Can you already speak more than one language? Guess what? This can make you money as you travel your way around the world.
Use your language skills to offer translation services. This will involve translating text from one language to another.
Businesses, especially those with e-commerce sites, are now targeting global markets and are localising content to attract more customers. This means offering content on their websites in different local languages.

Of course it will be impossible to be good in so many languages and therefore, they will appreciate the help of a translator.

16. Proyect Manager

A freelance project manager manages various projects on behalf of clients. Working as freelance project manager instead of as a full time one comes with lots of benefits including freedom and flexibility to choosing the projects you want to work on, you get to be your own boss and set you work hours.

You also get the freedom to travel as you work. Freelancing lets you work on more than one project so you get to build your experience faster. Job Offer

17. Online Teacher /Tutor

Are you a teacher who feels stuck in a classroom? Do you want to explore the world and still impact knowledge on your students?
With technology this can become your reality. Teaching online will let you travel and still do what you love, teaching.
Teaching English online is quite popular but you can actually continue teaching whichever language or subject that you’re currently teaching. Job Offer

18. Affiliate marketer

An affiliate marketer promotes businesses’ products and services by way of recommending them.
So basically as an affiliate marketer you will be telling people I love product A and I would recommend you try it (only if you really love it though – don’t be scammy).
Normally, you will have a custom link to promote these products and services and you get a commission every time someone makes a purchase via that link.There are several ways you can use to promote businesses through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, if done right, is a great source of passive income that gives you the peace of mind to live a comfortable digital nomad life.
It does take a lot of hard work to get your affiliate marketing strategy to kick off but it’s very rewarding once you have it going and it won’t continue taking up much of your time or effort. Job Offer

19. Remote Worker

A remote worker is also a work at home (or work from anywhere) employee or a telecommuter.
This is a person who works anywhere they wish instead of an onsite office. You can work from home, a coffee shop, coworking space, even the beach!
Is there a difference between a remote worker and a freelancer? YES.
The difference is that a remote worker will normally be an employee working for one company while a freelancer will be hired by many companies for specific projects. This can either be on full time, seasonal or part time basis.
However, both have the luxury of choosing where they want to work from.
All the jobs that we’ve mentioned above can be done remotely. Job Offer

20. Ecommerce store owner

If none of the above jobs excite you and you’re good at crafting physical products then maybe you should sell these products online.
You could sell almost anything online. Online stores are so common these days thanks to popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

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