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After a year of psychological warfare at a global level, I am encouraged to face this issue of writing in public twice, now as #soycopywriter to talk about a multinational that offers tools for free, being able to hire other paid services.

I simply want to give another approach according to my experience and without seeming that I am against the 3 applications that today appear installed on any mobile device. They work impartially on sexual, religious or any other condition, I am speaking as it could not be otherwise of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

This scrupulous order is closely related to the ranking of established chats and they are possibly the Apps with the highest number of registered downloads. I have to admit, “with a small mouth” that I had my year of believing myself an influencer, a time where I managed with an unreal but effective method to generate a large audience, which was productive in a fictitious way and with a high unfair and moral content; unscrupulous factions were inevitably formed, anything goes to stay on top.

Lack of self-esteem may be one of the reasons, another may be the pressure exerted by society with these means of social communication. Marketing is sometimes exhausting, a crop tends to appear, it is not nonsense, I have analyzed it from various perspectives, it is stumbling. The emotion of sharing can play a trick on us when it comes to using common sense; I spent 3 years without seeing my father for an imagotype of a heart in a photo I took of him and uploaded to his Facebook profile, weakness, strength, ignorance, daring or simply freedom?

The pandemic has brought us together again and I know many similar cases, I do not get to the point of acting out of desperation, since then I underestimate the power of ambitious and incongruous people. In my case, professional and personal aspects were being mixed that affected a large number of people, in short, the situation created confusion, the priority was to share daily, it had become an obligation, like having to go to work. Of course it is very cool, almost as much or more as being a hero.

Now that I am freelance after formalizing the legal procedures, I have realized that it is absurd to want to use my image as a sales claim. And it goes without saying what I think about putting as a badge some photos of children that are used as a shield and in other cases as a claim, I have so much value, tell me that you love me even if it is a lie, all completely respectable of course . My family life is on the right track, it is a reality, in the different battles it does not always come out well, now nothing and no one is going to prevent us from doing well in love, we chose the “PioZeneca” vaccine.

Social networks, each with its functionality and its lights and shadows – what does it not have? – constitute a channel in the communication strategy of any company. The growth of LinkedIn stands out, which companies use to be relevant from the corporate point of view as well as to approach talent from Human Resources. I have resumed the use of this network which allows me to create business and professional relationships with the people with whom I communicate. The truth is that fewer and fewer companies live with their backs to this remote interconnection system so as not to look at them with suspicion. It’s not just about selling.

Many integrate them into a multi-channel service strategy. It is not necessary to give an example to affirm that many relevant aspects are mixed. In general, we always go to the limit with this topic, it is difficult to give up to stop being there, it is not surprising that these things are addictive, and can be avoided. In this life there has to be everything, that no one thinks that life is over if you do not have continuous recognition on the network and of course I am one of the people who I think it is practically essential to be up to date with them and more so having a deal. I have had the pleasure of working with people who have achieved great media coverage and I honestly do not change for any.

Be proud of who you are and flow with the stages of life. Being recognized implies that you are doing things well, I encourage you to continue without the intention of competition, the satisfaction that starting your own business usually prevails. My father did it, he bought premises and properties thanks to the banks.

My short term goal is marriage. It seems to me an interesting topic to know the novelties that are appearing in order to minimize the importance of this matter of publishing about my personal life in order to stop feeling like a stranger due to the lack of interest that I show many times about this matter despite the fact that I feel businessman and in debt to those who really appreciate me and that practically forces me to be aware of my mobile. I am specializing in this matter of the little use that I give to WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

I´d ask those people who feel identified with our working method to know that we can evade for a while and catch our breath. I am in favor of the use of social networks and I have respect for those who send me an invitation to a dating chat, it is very likely that they do not even look at who they send it, it seems that we are also promoting infidelity and debauchery, furthermore, in any case, why should I formalize my personal status? What I lacked, that this fact conditions my private life.

So, touching on this topic, just like that, like the people who read this section, give me a little more reason. I respect everyone, even those who want to be unfaithful, but I have precisely a partner so that I do not have to spend my time, which I connect, in opening erotic profiles in these types of groups to meet people who have plenty of time ; what attracts the most is sex and drugs, “this is not my business”.

We all have to do a bit of our part, if we want to stop denying the obvious, there is no longer life beyond the three commented networks, then we complain about the two meters of separation that they impose on us. In addition, now it is added that it is the era of teleworking. It is said something like, “I have a very good social life completely outside the phone and I only use social networks for work issues”, when we know that most of the cases we are deceiving ourselves.

If there is something that has been in question after the pandemic, it is that we are able to separate feelings from legality and in the best of cases from fun. It is clear that we must avoid being in contact with each other as much as possible and make use of health recommendations, it is of no use to me to organize a group sports activity with people who may be asymptomatic and are not living together or a meal family or friends in a restaurant if we do not wear a mask. For all this, I consider it very important to analyze the way we are informing ourselves and communicating with the mobile. Thanks as always to my better half and fiancee future wife Eva.

Signed: Aladdin.

We have to listen in what we believe

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