Remote Work Survival Guide

Here’s my guide, rounding up the best resources to get you started.

This article has 3 sections, depending on what you need today:

  • I’m an employee working remotely for the first time.
  • I’m a manager, leading a team remotely for the first time
  • I’m a leader, my company is pushed towards remote. Now what?

Employees working remotely for the 1st time.

So, they told you to work from home, uh? 

Yes, everybody say it’s fun to “work from home in your PJ’s”. 

Expect that it’s not so easy…

As you get started, remember a few things: 

  • You’re not alone. Nobody has remote work 100% figured out. What matters most is to find a system that works for you and for your company. Most people who go remote start asking less questions because they have less face time with their team. Try to do the opposite. Ask your manager/colleagues questions, stay in touch with everyone. You’re not alone in this.
  • Over Communicate. Hardest thing with remote work is knowing when to stop. Most first-time remote workers overwork, often because they haven’t discussed what “a full remote work day” means. Talk to your manager about it. Are you expected to put in certain hours, to simply do your tasks, a mixture of both? Not knowing can be stressful! 
  • Take Breaks. You need to keep fresh. Brew some coffee, walk the dog, stretch. Make sure you walk away from all screens every couple of hours. Sitting in multi-hours video meetings WILL exhaust you.

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