Marketing tools

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, know as “SEO”, is another way to improve your business’s presence online. SEO refers to efforts made to increase the visibility of a webside through a search engine’s unpaid search results.

It usually considers what key terms are most important and increases the presence of these terms on sites and in the coding of the sites in order to have the site appear more prominently in search results. Other, more complex tactics are also used.

More marketing tools

Other than the marketing tools briefly mentioned here, there are many others that could be beneficial to you depending on the nature of your business and the types of customer you wish to access. There are many sources online to help you learn about blogs, newsletters, press releases and other marketing tools, as well as more information about the ideas mentioned in this blog. Depending on your budget and resources, you may find professional help with certain marketing efforts to be a worthwhile investment.

Like with the other business topics to follow, this blog does not attempt to cover the field of marketing in depth. Here I have presented some terminology and some of the many concepts relevant to the field of marketing. Marketing is a key element of any successful business and formulating a marketing strategy deserves careful thought and back planning.

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