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Temporary Danger Areas

Maximum Duration

• Although the use of TDAs offers a flexible tool for segregating specific portions of airspace on a temporary basis, it is important to emphasize that segregation effectively denies airspace to otherwise legitimate users.

• Due to their “temporary” nature, TDAs will normally only be established to cover RPAS activities up to a maximum period of 90 days. The formation of a TDA must not be viewed as a convenient means of establishing segregated airspace for routine, long-term activities; however, such requests will continue to be subject to the Airspace Change Process, as detailed in CAP 725. TDAs will not be routinely ‘reissued’ to cover periods beyond their original lifespan.

Application Requirements

• Requests for the establishment of TDAs to support UAS operations are to be forwarded to SARG Airspace Regulation. In order to allow time for the appropriate approval and notification to take place, a minimum of 90 days notice is required. In cases where larger volumes of segregated airspace are required, particularly when the airspace extends to higher altitudes, an extended notification period may need to be stipulated. Applications with less than 90 days notice may be considered, but will be taken on a case-by-case basis and any approval/rejection decision will be largely biased towards the likely potencial for impact on other airspace users. Applications must contain the following information:

⁃ A clear description of the requirement for the TDA;

⁃ Details of the volume of airspace required, including coordinates;

⁃ Details of the required hours of operation;

⁃ Details of the airspace management procedures that will be employed (ATC, DACS/DAAIS, Flexible Use of Airspace practices, NOTAM procedures, etc.);

⁃ Details of the TDA Sponsor;

⁃ Details of the consultation that has taken place;

⁃ Details of the type(s) of Remotely Piloted Aircraft that will be flown within the airspace, in particular the status of any airworthiness approvals/exemptions.

TDA Sponsorship

⁃ The requirement for sponsorship of a TDA is identical to that required for any other DA. Details regarding DA sponsorship, including Terms of Reference, are contained in the SARG Airspace Regulation Policy Statement ‘Danger Areas’.


The decision on whether or not to approve the establishment of a TDA rest with the Group Director, Safety and Airspace Regulation.


Planned TDAs will normally be implemented and promulgated to airspace users via UK Aeronautical Information Publication Supplement (AIP SUP). In cases where there is insufficient time left to promulgate a TDA vía the normal SUP method, full details of the TDA will be issued via a detailed Notice to Airman (NOTAM). In addition, a document containing text and a diagram in a similar format to the SUP will be placed within the ‘News’ section on the Home pages of the NATS AIS website.

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