Drone Course

Flight Condition Requirements

Weather Conditions and Surrounding Environment

The aircraft is designed to operate in good to moderate weather conditions.

To avoid collision, serious injury and property damage, observe the following rules:

1. Do NOT use the aircraft in severe weather conditions. These include wind exceeding 10 m/s, snow, rain, smog, heavy wind, hail, lightning, tornadoes or hurricanes.

2. Keep the aircraft at least 30 feet (10 meters) away from obstacles, people, animals, buildings, public infrastructure, trees, and bodies of water when in flight. Stay even further away from the above objects as your altitude increases.

3. Be EXTRA cautions when operating the aircraft indoors.

4. Do NOT use the aircraft near accidents, fire, explosions, floods, tsunamis, avalanches, landslides, earthquakes, dust, or sandstorms.

Interference with Flight Controller, Communications, and Positioning Systems

1. Fly in open areas. Tall buildings or steel structures may affect the accuracy of the on-board compass and block the GPS signal.

2. Avoid interference between the remote controller and other wireless equipment. Make sure to turn off the WI-FI on your mobile device.

3. Do NOT fly near areas with magnetic or radio interference. These include but are NOT limited to: high voltage lines, large scale power transmission stations or mobile base stations and broadcasting towers. Failing to do so may compromise the transmission quality of this product or cause remote controller and video transmission errors which may affect flight orientation and location accuracy. The aircraft may behave abnormally or go out of control in areas with too much interference.

Operating the Aircraft Responsibility

To avoid serious injury and property damage, observe the following rules:

1. Make sure you are NOT drunk, taking drugs, under the influence of anesthesia, or suffering from dizziness, fatigue, nauseas or any other conditions, whether physical or mental, that could impair your ability to operate the aircraft safely.

2. Do NOT perform the Combination Stick Commands when is in midair, otherwise the motors will stop.

3. Upon landing, power off the aircraft first, then switch off the remote controller.

4. Do NOT drop, launch, fire or otherwise project any dangerous payloads on or at any buildings, persons or animals, or which could cause personal injury or property damage.


1. Make sure you have been sufficiently training and are fully aware of any contingency plans before accidents happen.

2. Make sure you have a flight plan and never fly the aircraft recklessly.

3. Respect the privacy of others when using camera. Make sure you comply with local privacy laws, regulations, and moral standards.

4. Do NOT use this product for any reason other than general personal use. Do NOT use it for any illegal or inappropriate purpose (such as spying, military operations, or unauthorized investigations).

5. Do NOT use this product to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as the right of privacy and publicity) or others.

6. Do NOT trespass into private property of others.

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