The needed to speak

I admit that I have spent long periods of time talking up the elbows to fill in the silence, what am I going to do to you, one lets himself be seduced by what he considers ethical, it is something of the most normal.

When circumstances require it, it is advisable to remain alert while waiting for active listening, something that I have been taught. Applying the good intermediate term, on rare occasions, has allowed us to feel peace and harmony, at best, balance. If I have to choose an aptitude I prefer to obey orders, where I have really been much more used to it, making this fact feel comfortable to me, it has always been possible by keeping silence. With how easy it would have been from the beginning to do what was due.

My positive attitude has led me to be my own founding boss of the Tour Operator Trail Travel Agency. What to say to the fact that many times we only open our mouths to avoid feeling lonely, I leave this to those who intend to earn a living with their own voice or in the worst case need to survive through oral language, whatever In any case, the right thing to do is to always think well what we are going to say if we do not want to “screw up”. Right now, for example, as I write these lines, surrounded by the vast array of volunteers in a Carnival preventive, I realize what my true vocation is.

It is really curious to observe that I am the only one who prefers to write, rather than like most, speak out of cordiality without more. I start to get impatient when I notice how my need to communicate with others increases, I repress myself and control it. I would feel like a stranger if it were not because here, in this type of act, everyone has a free decision on how to cope with this task, except for some cases.

Of course, I had already realized that the center of the world is very far from my reach, I take control of this text, which for me is already an achievement with all the noise that I repeatedly expose myself to, many times without a clear need but if I have a clear vocation.

We are wrong most of the time to believe that others care excessively about our actions, you would be surprised to know how easy it is to go unnoticed, “close the canary peak.” In any case, I like to be dynamic, aware of the precise moment in which I get up joining the intervention device, the night is passing with absolute normality.

Who knows, it might make it fashionable to go with a notebook and a pen; From what I perceive, it would be ridiculous. Some people look at me, I raise my head and I hear a voice that asks me, what are you writing With all the colleagues that we are here, I could possibly talk ad nauseam, it is something that with my better half Eva is fortunately correctly established in the exact measure, we lead a simple life as a couple, we do not even want to hear about complications, we are allowed to live.

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