Narrative as a therapy

This specialty is a subject created for those who have the clear conviction of wanting to do themselves and others a favor.

If what you are going to say spoils the silence, it is better not to say anything. I discover these tools within the Trail Travel book for the simple reason of being able to discover a part of personal growth that we all need so much at some point in our lives.

It is worth mentioning the great number of benefits that these techniques provide us. To begin with, I will say that this communication method is the most altruistic and multifunctional that I know. Anyone who has gone to primary education has enough capacity to embark on this hectic adventure of picking up a pen and a piece of paper to say “yes, I do.” discipline of writing thoughts.

It is not even an essential requirement to be a great reader or have a predilection for culture or anything like that. It is more a matter of having the need to express yourself and that this fact is immortalized forever and ever. We must strive to develop a more concrete action where we can better define the audience we are addressing.

Nowadays being a writer is a school of life on the rise with the arrival of new styles, as reflected in the profession of #yosoycopywriter (digital nomad). Put a lot of interest in your way of making yourself known because you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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