The power of word

Great way to give tribute a great teacher I had, he´s a legend alive called Alfonso Carton and of course all their family, who also will help you by making understood this important lesson. “La ramita” is how they call this kinds of meeting.

I consider this memorable act a reave of getting together (me as a guest) in their house, among several members to play a certain theme, like the one that I have the pleasure of remembering below. We are in the God house.

It has undoubtedly been one of the best reflections I have ever heard and will never before, I remember those days as if were yesterday. With the passage of time I have opted to writing as I am less loquacious and, it allows us to use a more specific technique to express ourselves clearly by heaven, with fewer obstacles, a greater spectrum provided by the  Royal Academic of the Spanish language vocabulary.

Each sentence he said was like a projectile that subtly impacted in heads and disturb my own brain neurons, which at the same time were somewhat misplaced. As a his explanations progressed, I couldn’t believe it, what happened with all of the words that become from his mouth, with such force that it was as a gift  once were increase more and more in power …

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