Drone Course

The Crab

Illustrated LECTURE points

The crab flight pattern sensually this is where your flying sideways to get footage along a line it’s not used that often so any footage you can produce with it will be very unique and interesting to viewers.


The ridges cliffs faces that particularly for tracking moving objects.

I recommend that first of all you fly straight down your intended route.

Looking forward.

This confirmed that the route is completely clear of any obstructions and also importantly that you’re not going to run into any reception issues.

She has a deal with those we you’re facing the direction that you’re flying and sail going sideways.

Once you’ve done that it’s fly sideways.

And watch out for any movement off your line as it moving forward or moving backwards.

Part from fact this could be dangerous you could end up crashing or spoil the footage you won’t look so good.

Very important to keep in good contact with your spotter to help you in your positioning here need to be very careful that there’s nothing else out there in the sky because you’re not going to be at a see.

it while you’re flying sideways so be super cautious with this particular manoeuvre.

Also extremely careful on your sticks.

The sticks are allowed a slide left and right is the very same stick that allows you to move forward or back.

It’s very easy to accidentally nudge it in those directions.

So you need to get good stick control here useful for your other flying skills as well.

Why do we go for the shot.

Well apart from the fact it uses produces unique footage it gives us over discovery and a close reveal at the same time as you creeping up over the edge of the edge of a ridge.

For instance you’ve got the ridging close and then you got all that e-l off into the background.

So that’s a fantastic couple of geographical dramatics that you can get in the can there.

It’s really gives you a real sense view of spy high flight dramatic you looking at details high up as if you were a bird using a Quadra copter to give you a power that you won’t be able to get in any other way.

So to summarize the crab flight pattern you filmed this while you’re sliding sideways.

This means that you’re not flying in the direction that you’re looking.

So you need to be very cautious.

It’s important to check your route first retractions and reception issues.

Use your spot as well so that they can inform me if there’s anything else out there and make sure that you try to stay on your line.

The reason we go for this is partly it’s not used very often so it makes for some fairly unique footage once you get it into your productions.

It also gives both the cover and discovery reveal at the same time.

Additionally it gives you the spy high flight dramatic you get a real feeling of being like a bird looking at details you can’t see in any other way.

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