A reason to write

Today a miracle has manifested itself again as a result of Eva rescuing the inspiration to write about the biological process of pregnancy that occurs after the act of fertilization.

Changing the wave, the range of possibilities that the use of the mobile unfolds is overwhelming, it creates in some beings, a behavior that emanates from so much confusion, making them irascible.

It will be that they are hungry so much messy neural exercise. Poor dazed minds that carry wicked hallucinations of chaotic imagination. It all starts with the emotion unleashed by the first letters, at that specific moment, it seems the main reason why I consider it irrefutable to publish again.

My unconditional purpose is to connect with qualified personnel who perform functions in the emergency sector. All of us, in some way, have the “help program” installed as standard, we are suitable according to our resolution capacity and everything goes without anesthesia.

Changing the third, I start to speculate on any funny act that has to do with the sheathed pleasure that the capricious mobile phone claims. Include intangible benefits and in many other cases productive telecommuting, the latter method which I admire, given the way some bloggers describe it.

It is also very commendable to see how we feel connected to each other, an act that seduces the vast majority of people by the vice of communicating incessantly, even more at this time, pure drugs. Over the years, the close family bond that keeps us inexorably linked to contact is maintained, seeing each other physically is taken to the background and even more so now that those “hangouts” where there are many reunited members are persecuted by law.

While I stare straight ahead, where the view is lost, on the unreachable horizon of the ocean, only there is when I feel closest to the aberrant paradox that the unstoppable technological development hides. Growing up with multiple points of view always gave the advantage of not having to collect neurons that were already lost along the way.

The most radical writers manifest a clear mastery over the evidence that we will be able to defeat our destructive enemy who sets the pace for us until we vanish. Dreaming of a future full of phases, as if it were a video game, is the closest thing to allying ourselves with destiny, being easy prey to the fragility of the present, after making the not easy decision to fall in love, with the fateful posture of rising to fate.

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