The blind leading the blind

Good Morning World, yesterday I jumped out of bed … then I cooked healthy food as soon as possible to arrive early to my meeting with a old friend, he is hotel receptionist.
After that I get ready to enjoy the day with the best aptitude, be ready to receive all nice vibration are waiting for me in everything happen around.

In the mountains I feel similar emotions, so I went over there. It just these changes cause in my hapiness, this route It makes me feel alive. Once in Agüimes Town I had lunch and I again went to work swiftly. Already between trails, more freedom, with my adventure clothe I was checking the itinerary to find new and better alternative for the next event of Hike & Trail Run.

The option I chose was the Herbalife products for their easy intake and assimilation:

1. Tri Blend (Selection of 3 blends)

2. Pro 20 (Protein Shake)

3. Iced Coffee (High quality protein)

I saw a stone stair it appealed towards the sky. Where are the clouds, a place full of light and blaze.

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