WhatsApp group

I’ll share with you an anecdote. I became involved to keep actived in a new conversation within the only group that I belong to be, made up of several old friends, practically all involved, since the beginning of the well-known social network.

Guys, what kind of paranoia is this, if you really think I’m complaining then just take a break and think about the reliable fact that I already left 3 times and I’d make it again. In fact they say that we have to strong, are you telling me my mysteries?

If you want to talk about something good with me, you already know the way to do it, apparently it isn’t interesting to speak. I am not plan b or anyone’s entertainment, I’m the plan A.

I agree that in a community who is made up of more than 10 members, “piques’ logically arise. What I trying to refuse in understand is that nothing satisfies such an appetite for anger and the most ruinous of all is the act. To be honest I’m not saying that WhatsApp groups used is an aberration or anything like that. The unpleasantness of this matter, in which the majority is involved, is manifested when a repeated attempt to “mock” some degenerate as usual appears.

The serious fact that causes becoming an addict to technology is incited when the “attacked”, in order to maintain his honor with his right to defend himself, launches his offense, seeking to finish off the grace, I think the ridicule is reflected. And now please, save yourselves the topic of for better or for worse the important thing is that you talk about one.

Do not play with people’s health, save these words. I say goodbye once again as a Canarian lifeguard proud of my controlled addition to the multimedia. Yes, it’s true, by necessity and for an unknown time I will continue to show my arrogance by venting myself during these reflections.

Everything in work hour’s. Another day I will write to give my humble opinion about the private chat. A priori it seems easier to analyze. As far as the current situation is concerned, it could be but it is still very controversial. I challenge you to put your criticism in comments, I will be eagerly awaiting it. For the record I had no intention of sharing this post when I wrote it.

Now given the current circumstances where it is requested that we all contribute to being as effective and efficient as possible, I think it would be convenient for you if you did.


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