Smartphone User

Fortunately, I choose limited the Smartphone user since I don’t think it ´s an essential tool to do my profession, in fact, yesterday I didn’t take the mobile phone to work, I consider, in my case, their use makes me worse off instead help me.

I program the blog issuances (post) so that contents are published and shared automatically on social networks through all my communication channels, without bring telephones with me.

Now, if you allow me, I would like to talk a little bit about WhatsApp please, not if before I agree that it has become an authentic communication tool, even more, with the arrival of the audiomessage option, possibly the most comfortable method that allows you to keep your eyes away to the screen. This App brings to many people a problems, it’s very simple to use, a direct channel where it’s very hard escape to their network. It’s necessary to take all this thinks since we’ll easily be tempted to check the screen of the smartphone because it’ll be strange haven’t a message.

In any case, and involved in entrepreneurship subject, I believe is right if we speak (or rather to write), about what is matter in the mobile phones with the tireless hope that this device is a tool that makes easier our lives, allowing us coexist among all of us. In my opinion, that doesn’t seem like we´re in a challenge, at the full mercy of our addiction, or simply by the fact of looking for a rational meaning, like other issues that are consider transcendental to keep in mind and I will not let it go down as if we’re not able to understand it.

Technology destroyed everything, live without telephone is practically unfeasible (you would be an alien) and banning their use while we develop our work is something difficult to see, however, internet has a way of approaching reality that is increasingly tangible and through. A head this blog we try to convey our concerns in a general and personal way, that is how we express ourself, using this channel that we’re doing laborious but at the same time rewarding, I chose to be a blogger, what did you choose to be?


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