Digitized cynicism

I’m still determined to forge a right attitude, perseverance that I take as my own innate characteristics since childhood.

Perhaps this finding of new features about me allows us to clarify the reason for the sudden insistence that I show on the question of this acquaintance, by my readers as the matter of the blessed networks.

Around 07:00 in the morning, the alarm clock rings, I am about to go somewhere, as anyone else could be doing from the most remote place in the world that we can imagine. The difference between how the vast majority and I do it is that there will be those who prefer to have their mobile phone active with all its functions and I prefer to stay in airplane mode.

Radical position but also forceful and not a definitive decision, which allows me to disconnect voluntarily, is what I think, as long as I can afford it. Failing that, I usually configure my iPhone 8 mobile in such a way that I can only access call management, while others tend to opt for both simultaneously, without restrictions of any kind, better than everything the device gives, of course Yes. So, without stopping, I ask myself: since when have they been infected by the sedative effect that this generalist behavior produces, in my expert conclusion?

We’re again prey to progress as technology advances, new ways of adapting to them are necessary. From what it seems, progress is a reflex action, so we are faced with the harsh reality of having to urgently pose a loquacious thesis that allows us to live in harmony. There are several reasons why we are subjected to such an obligation to resign ourselves to the increasingly progressive adaptation that society exercises over people to some new revolutionary concept.

We can also choose to force ourselves to give up, frequently and definitively (not to die trying) both the textual and audiovisual formats, “not funny”. Without further ado, I want to address the challenge that arises for me to explore my thoughts to find a possibility, no matter how small, that of coherence and justifies the accumulation of messages that are piled up, incessantly, waiting to be read, and / or in many other cases answered.

All this happen while digitalism work in some of the new algorithmic functions wisely created by some computer scientist, to end up being masterfully configured. Finally, the insistent update will be required from an application, these are so fashionable, yes, I must admit that you request it very kindly, a red dot appears on the screen, rest assured that it will not disappear if you do not execute the operation.

We’re only one step away from the increasingly close finite that rushes into the increasingly widespread routine, I am referring, how could it be otherwise, to the aforementioned epigraph and which gives this section its title, and which I have suspiciously called “Digitized Cynicism.”

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