Like criticism

It takes a lot longer to learn how to run a good business, if your lessons are derived solely from the confines of calm, comfortable companies operated by kind and caring bosses.

Of course you can pickup on the subtleties of a well-run organization, but it’s far more memorable to deal with the chaos and aggravation that comes from working in a mad house.

I was very fortunate to have plenty of bad bosses early on in my career. Bosses who instilled in me an urge to operate differently. These were often people who had themselves been deprived of experience working for other bad bosses in the same industry. And thus couldn’t relate to how their decisions would manifest for the people they were responsible for.

Hiring top talent and nurturing inspiring leadership is imperative when building a successful business, especially one with ambitious goals and a clear vision of driving transformation in a traditional industry. 

We want to challenge old structures. We need to. That’s the only way to stand a chance if we’re serious about facing some of the biggest issues of our time. The planet is in crisis, as is the transportation industry.

I personally feel that in order to make any meaningful impact in the world, your must evolve with it so that your own work stays relevant and relatable. This means for designers It’s our responsibility to keep open mind to new experiences, remain current and continue to forecast future, technological and social trends.

I thrive on making this happen, and I think the main reason we struggle with free back is often it´s received with not enough knowledge around de variables that occur.

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