Day by day

Gran Canaria

It seems that today I will use the cell phone. I always carry the cable with me without a type C adapter, it is very common to run into, as usual, a USB connection outlet.

Well, there I have connected it, so clear !! What is truly extraordinary about this whole affair is how easy it is to unconsciously lose this link. There is no “turn of the page”, the guidelines, in this case, are set by the daily 30-minute journey by public transport that I make every day to get around. The IPhone, at the end of the journey has 50% of the battery, then I put it in its respective case, if someone gives more than say so! On the way back, if I have the opportunity, I plug the terminal back into the socket on the top of the seat. If the case comes that I absolutely need an extra power, I usually resort to the mini power bank. In both cases, the mobile phone is no longer the determining factor in my life. I have passed the baton to the availability of recharging the battery.

Something that is pleasing my days in the worst case scenario is having the smartwatch at full capacity that allows me to give myself a reference to manage the day as calculatedly as possible. Another determining factor for all this to happen normally is that I am testing the solar charger. In order for customers to be 100% satisfied, I spend several months testing the products that are available to them in the Online Store. I do not pay electricity, I have the bill included if the approximate cost is 50 watts per month, the fee is set at € 80 for the rent. I hardly frequent my refreshment station, I prefer a thousand times to enjoy with my fiancée in Las Palmas or wherever we want. Another handicap to keep in mind is that I am not one of those people who likes to have unlimited data and calls. Everything is directly related to my perception of the things that surround me, everything is a matter of time, whoever wants to be with you finds you. It has been the case that I got on a “bus” without a USB connection. This random event sets the tone in my relationship with technology day by day.

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