Drone Course


The first is I want to get you excited about the content that we’re going to be going through here as well as an aerial video from photographer and also an e-learning and process designer.

And it has been an absolute pleasure to bring those skills together to create all of this content for you in this area that is so new to the world.

Second reason for giving this detailed overview is that it’s unlikely that everybody’s going to want to go through every single part of this course in-depth.

Whatever your level of knowledge across all of these things I strongly recommend that you at least skim through every single lecture that’s going to be there.

You are make sure that you’re not going to be leaving any gold learning nuggets on the table.

Everybody should have a good look at the legal and safety area.

I strongly recommend that everybody go through every part of that.

Even if you’ve got a good gut feel already.

What makes a good aerial video.

This will help you validate your thoughts.

Let’s dive into each area in a little bit more depth.

You’ve all as you’ve already seen from the time distribution that we’ve discussed it’s not the primary focus of this course.

Similarly for legal considerations there are many many areas where you can look at from a legal point.of view and I’ll be talking through some of the main ones but the specific laws your own country are things that you are going to need to go off and find out.

You need to be doing that anyway because they are changing all the time.

I’ll be giving you some guidance for way should be looking for for those laws.

Let’s now look at the basic section of the Course first part of that is looking at what your tool choices can be for your air productions.

There are three lectures here.

One is just a text lecture and that recommends what the camera options could be for your drone.

The second looks at what you’re drone in fact could be with some recommendations around that.

And the third is around what your production software could be for editing your footage for the drone hardware and the Arul software.

Your drones likely to have and how it may impact your videoing and photographing and second lecture or the inbal skills that you need to master to get a contribute to your videoing photographing that lecture is extra rich with four separate videos that demonstrate the outcome of you achieving those skills successfully.

You can have a different lecture for each one of them which is going to be very media rich as well as me explain the concept of them and how to actually achieve them.

You’re going to have video footage showing you what I am actually talking about and for each of those two types of video dramatics you can have a separate exercise which is going to be essentially a whetted flight video with some activities for you to do whilst watching that video.

The next section of this area of the Course is on flight patterns of flight patterns of the things that you do to actually achieve the video dramatics that we talked about beforehand.

There are seven different flight pattern that you need to be able to master.

You only get an lecture on each one which is going to explain to you what it is.

Talk to you about how to actually do it.

Talk to you about cautions around when youre actually executing that flight pattern.

Those kind of things as well as each lecture on each flight pattern for every single lecture you can get a separate video exercise where you are going to have an edited video with flight footage demonstrating various aspects of that flight pattern and exercises for you to do was watching those videos.

The third section of this air of course is all around planning for your flight.

Its where you implement some of the concepts and we talked about beforehand and plan for a successful


This going to get you excellent footage as an entire set of steps you can go through.

For this planning and I’ll talk through what those steps are.

And additionally there’s going to be separate lectures on each of those steps.

This part of the Course is very tool rich.

The same tools that I’ve prepared for you to take away in years.

And there’s also some online resources and tools that I recommend that you can go to that demonstrate how to use in planning for a flight.

And I’ll actually plan for a pretend flight myself and show you how to use all of those things.

Also a lot of the time when you see these fantastically put together videos makes you think that your pilot is flying perfectly the whole time and this is so far from the case as so many things you can do in editing to recover footage that I want to show you were a lot of this raw footage looks like before it gets into the editing process to look out for the raw footage and look out for the flight erratics that youll be seeing there.

Another point I wanted to make just before we finish here is on photography.

Youll notice that most of the focus for in the entire course is on video or graphy and the various steps and flying methods we need to use.

For that reason why were not focussing on photography is a photography with a drone is basically very simple.

You get your drone up into the air you got your camera attached to it and the camera fires off taking photographs wherever you’re pointing the drone the principles around photography on a drone are basically same as a principles around photography on the land or the same shot selection and shot line ups occurin exactly the same way as they do on a drone as they do on the ground.

So thats the reason why we’re not putting anymore focus on photography during this course as long as  you are able to master all the things you need to do about video or graphy.

You need to get your drone in the right place to better take fantastic photographs so hopefully you’re now excited about the rich set of information that we’ve got to go through in this course.

And you’ve also got enough information to help you decide on where you want to focus your time.

Create aerial video & photos that DELIGHT your audience: Learn from basic drone handling up to advanced flying & editing.

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