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Software Options For Aerial Productions


What are our options when it comes to aryal production software.

Well there are two things that we’re going to need to do.

We need to have a need to manipulate our aerial photographs and we don’t need to put together our aerial videos.

With regards to the photography it’s pretty straightforward.

All of the features that you need from a photography package for processing your aerial photos are going to be the same sets of features that you need for processing any photos any photography processing software ought to do the trick like rooms are fantastic.

One that’s when I use Aperture is pretty much as good as a light room.

The more advanced techniques I like to dip into photo shop and more recently I’ve been playing with a Google Nick collection which is absolutely superb extremely powerful and very very easy to use.

I highly recommend it.

You’ve not come across it before.

With regards to video production you would need all the features that you would have in any typical video production software.

However you in a way more heavily on a subset of those features and perhaps you might do for other kind of productions.

There are four of them.

There’s conformity clip manipulation audio management and then applying effects.

And you can see these here.

That formative is very small clip manipulation is the biggest audio management is slightly smaller and affects is a little bit bigger.

Those are in rough proportion size wise to the time that we be using each of those features so we can see from this that we want to find some software that’s going to be particularly good clip manipulation and then pretty good effects overall generally.

Let’s look at those a little bit more detail.

Conforming is where you are resizing your software from the resolution that you shot it in and you may be changing the frame rate as well.

So as an example we would typically hope to shoot in the sky at two point seven K 50 frames per second.

I’ll explain why in more detail in other lectures.

Your output though that you’ll be producing for your video is more likely to be at 10 ATP at 30 frames per second.

You want your software to better take care of that conversion.

Behind the scenes without you having to think about it at all and for it to be optimized the quality of what it’s producing as it’s doing that conforming Final Cut Pro X. Does this behind the scenes You barely need to touch it.

Once you set it up initially.

The next feature to look at is clip manipulation and this is the thing that you’re going to be using most of the time as you do your editing.

You need to better rapidly review clips and then select them but you’re always looking through all of your footage.

Getting rid of the junk deciding what you’re going to keep ordering what you’re going to keep into a priority order and you’ll be slicing it up and then replacing clips from one side to the other.

So you need your software to be very very good at this.

Next feature audio management.

You will have the facility to be able to mark up your audio tracks for where the beats change and where the big changes in the music occur.

And then you would want the software to be at a low you to position your clips exactly where you’ve marked it up.

The only other feature you’re probably going to be needing is some kind of fade in fade out feature so you can blend the music in and out as you need to.

The next set of features that you’re gonna need from the software is we you’re going to be applying some effects.

Now there are many effects.

You can apply but these are the key ones that you’re most likely going to be using in almost every production.

So you’re going to want a start colour grading or clips where you adjust the exposure the colour saturation and the colour themselves so you can get them looking just right before you start selecting them.

Deciding which ones you’re going to put in your final production.

Daeschler You would have wanted to do quite a bit of retiming so speeding up slowing down your clips this would be for effect.

It will be say that one clip fits well with the clip that comes after it.

That kind of things you wouldn’t want your software to do that with the most ease as possible.

You also most likely do want to be sharpening your clips Typically if you shoot with your GoPro camera if that’s what you have in pro tune where the footage is going to look initially quite flat and then you can sharpen it up as much as you want to in post-production.

So that’s a key feature that your software’s going to have to do.

Stabilization is another one.

Unavoidable to get some wobbly footage that you’re going to want to stabilize.

Is he going to need your software to take care of that.

You’re likely to want to put in sparingly some transitions in between one clip or the other.

To each their introduction so it doesn’t startle the viewer.

You’re also going want to better add your own annotations So that is Titles credits that kind of stuff.

So the software needs a bit of take care of that as well.

So there we have it.

Those are the four sets of key features that your software needs to be able to address.

What are my recommendations.

Well there are some clear obvious contenders.

Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere are the two leading packages in this area.

Both of them do a fantastic job for area of video production.

I use Final Cut Pro.

Mainly I sometimes use arrow premiere as well find a cock crow is particularly good at clip manipulation and that’s where I’m spending most of the time when you’re doing your aerial productions as you’re skimming across the clips trying to find the best ones.

And it does so well with no slowdown on the computer immediately that you’ve loaded the thing in that it’s it’s really weren’t recommended from that point of view première is often considered more powerful than final cut throat as an arguable point but it is certainly a very powerful piece of software.

I find that what it takes to do in Final Cut Pro say three clicks it may take four or five in premiere so sometimes it’s not quite as quick to be able to edit in where it’s particularly good though is in its stabilization capability.

It’s got this warp stabilization capability that is second to none and it’s worth sometimes taking your foot ish out of Final Cut Pro popping it into premiere to get that stabilization just right and then back into Final Cut Pro Final Cut Pro does good stabilization too.

That premiere is really the best on the market for that in my opinion.

Another piece of video editing software.

I strongly recommend you consider it DaVinci resolve.

It used to be known as purely a colour grading piece of software.

Arguably the best on the market now is still an extremely good of grading piece of software but it’s also now a full scale editor and it would do all the things that we mentioned before in that feature list that we discussed.

Interestingly it’s also now free in its like version and the light version does almost everything that the full version does it which costs a thousand dollars.

I still do most of my editing in Final Cut Pro that I will quite often.

If it’s a really important piece take the components out of Final Cut Pro for colour grading complete all of the colour grading which is a fantastic place to do it.

It should resolve.

You get the very best results from it there and then bring it back into Final Cut Pro round trip from Final Cut Pro into DaVinci resolve.

Takes a little bit of extra time and if it wasn’t for the fact that final kopra WAS SO GOOD AT ITS clip manipulation whereas DaVinci resolve is not so quick on its clip manipulation I would have put all my work into DaVinci resolve and start just doing it there.

So there are my recommendations.

Pretty much any major software on the market for video production and photography is likely to do the things that we need.

You can see from our discussion so far that the leading ones have a slightly different focus on what they’re really good at.

If budget is an issue at all and I highly recommend that you go off and check out to Vince you resolve and do all of your work in that.

If you’ve got a Mac in Final Cut Pro would be my first recommendation.

You got a p.s. in premiere’s going to be it for you.

Whatever you end up going for out of those three you’re you can be set up to produce some fantastic results with a fair amount of these.

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