Drone Course

Ready to Start

Welcome to this unique posts on how to use a drone to create stunning captivating aerial imagery.

My name is Jorge and I fly drones producing aerial videos and photos.

I want to share my passion and skills with you in this incredibly creative adventure.

My mission is to teach you the key things you need to know in order to produce stand out aerial productions.

This course will teach the basics of the legal and safety frameworks for you to consider when flying and filming how to select the right drone hardware and editing software for drone handling and flying skills.

For you to master the basics out the way I am particularly excited to teach you about a unique framework that will help you plan and then execute every flight you do in order for you to capture highly impactful footage.

I developed refine this framework over hundreds of hours of flying filming photographing and editing.

Additionally I’ll show you using extensive walkthrough and take your footage and edit it into something stunning.

I’ve had the great pleasure of filming and some jaw droppingly beautiful places rugged coastlines of Gran Canaria panoramas of surfers volcanoes of Gran Canaria also.

I look forward to sharing these flying experiences with you and many more teaching points I make will be heavily illustrated with aerial footage from them.

Court has been carefully designed to be both a learning experience to help you avoid the many mistakes that can be made in this area and it will become a resource for you to return to.

Time and time again are your skills and needs grow.

I am truly excited for you to be joining me in this passion and adventure.

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