Marketing tools

The 30-second elevator pith!

An important marketing tool is the 30 second “elevator pitch”, which introduces your company and explains what you do. Think of a 30-second commercial on television.

A good pith will explain your business concepts clearly and concisely in less than 30 seconds.

I call it the elevator pitch because it is the type of explanation of your business you could give in the time it takes to travel a few floors with someone on an elevator.

An effective elevator pitch should always include four things:

• The name of your business

• Your main product or service

• The customer group that uses your product or service

• One unique benefit to those customers of using your product or service.

You never know when you are going to meet a potencial customer. Some studies show that the human attention span, that is the amount of time a person will be truly focused and receptive to your business idea, can be as little as eight seconds! Having a good elevator pitch is essential for you to capture the attention of potential customers whom you have a brief opportunity to interact with.

Imagine you meet someone at a party and they introduce themselves as follows:

“Hi, my name is Jorge Larrosa and I own “Trail Travel Agency”. We self tours brewing kits to cheese lovers who necessarily have the time or expertise to visit Gran Canaria by themselves, but want to get started with a business and enjoy the process focus to employment agreement. We set up the local brewing system, teach them how to use it and check in every week to see how it’s make happen.

This is an effective elevator pitch, because it explains what I do and is appealing to some who might want to try making their own cheese without giving too many details to someone who might not be interested.

Having a good elevator pitch is a great (and free) marketing tool which works well for businesses of all sizes. For small business gaining one good customer can often make a big difference in the success of the business. 30-second pitch can help employees maintain a common understanding of the company’s objectives as well as accumulate unexpected sales and interest in your products or services.

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