Marketing tools

The tag line

A tag line is a short statement about your business. Usually it can be found above, below or next to the company’s logo. A good tag line educates a potencial customer in a tiny, neatly wrapped package of one line.

This tiny line can cause a potencial customer to take immediate interest in your company, or realize that isn’t for them.

There are four common types of tag lines:

Type 1: The benefit tag line:

This type of tag line tells customers why they should buy the product. It indicates how their lives will be improved thanks to the product (or service). Imagine a tag line for a healthy salad dressing called Garden Fresh: “When health matters, there’s Garden Fresh!”.

Type 2: The product or service-focused tag line:

This type of tag line, while not fancy, helps people immediately understand what you do. This can be particularly helpful if your logo and company name don’t make the nature of your business evident. Imagine a tag line for Motor Doctor, who only specifically repair Volkswagens: “Specializing in custom VW repairs and accessories “.

Type 3: The customer-focused tag line:

This type of tag line is aimed at a very specific type of customer and describes your particular customer base. It helps reduce inquiries from people who are clearly not going to become customers.

Type 4: The vague idea tag line:

This is a common type of tag line, but is the least effective. This type of tage line tries to tell the reader about the company’s philosophy but often fails to clarify the objectives of the company or help readers understand who their typical customer might be.

If you are choosing a tag line for your business, consider the type that would be most appropriate for your business and your target market.

Once you have a tag line you can include it, along with your logo, in emails, business cards, your website, brochures, advertisements, letterhead, etc.

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