Drone Course

Final Touches (titles)

One of the other final touches that I’ll do is put some annotations in.

So typically I may make a reference to some of the music that I might have been using and I’ll put some title around the footage itself and I like to make sure that this is as discreet as possible.

It does not distract the viewer too much from what they really come to see which is the images behind you got to letterbox in place and it’s fantastic.

Put in you can put that annotations at any time during the production.

Have them run along in the black bit there.

People can continue to run the show but if there is no letterbox so then it is delete this now.

Then it ends up having to run over the actual image.

You need to decide where to place it.

So probably find one of your own duller pieces of your clips and place it over that you don’t want to bang it right over the top of the most exciting clip that you’ve got because that will really annoy you or your viewers.

So the titles that you can put in can be found under here.

I particularly like the lower third ones because they tend to run across the bottom and they’re nice to use.

You can actually make your own titles if you’ve got something called motion with Apple and that’s something I like to do so that my videos don’t look like I’ve just sort of plugged in played.

What was the standard stuff in Final Cut Pro X..

So that’s something for you to actually look into.

They’re very easy to apply.

You select one of them and then you’ll drag it and it will sit above some clip here so let’s just put this one here.

This is one of the lower third ones that will click over the top.

This is extremely simple.

You need to have the title itself clicked to allow you to be at it edit the box above which is actually got the actual name in.

So here we are we go up to over to here where we can then find the title itself and the details around it.

Now of double clicks in it now the computer was finished doing the other thing is doing it allows me to then make my edit here so I might put a disco tuner pro and then I’ll put.


Okay so that’s good.

Never going to check out how that actually works.


Very simple title is quite effective and quite unobtrusive.

For me a bit too high up for me so I would actually put it all away down over here so it’s kind of still out the way.

Am I here to make it a little bit smaller.

So then that’s the titles would have then been added.

Once you’ve completed that final final step that I would do is I’d do a complete run through watching the whole thing one more time and then I’d just do some final colour grading to really polish up the production before I sleep on it and then I’ll publish it to the world.

So we are going to run this through because we’ve been going through every single one of these steps we want a sea wall off when all production is going to look like as we’ve done all of this work for this section that briefly just before I get there to actually publish the work.

You use this button here.

It’s got a whole bunch of options for you.

You can pop it straight out to YouTube Vimeo.

You can see what the options are here.

This one here will put it straight onto your computer in the highest format that you can get.

It will also be the largest so you select that at the end of the day we will the gratulations world on for getting to the end of this whole editing process.

And as you will reward here is the entire production.

So I’m going to adjust the screen slightly so we can see the whole thing as large as possible.

And now with that recording.

Brad wouldn’t do that.




boom boom


Da da da da da da da da da.


Don’t do.

Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee

dee dee dee dee.

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