Nº3 Travel as a Nomad

Hello world, I’m writing today live from the last travel like a Digital Nomad of this year 2023. I’m in Gran Canaria sharing the experience Race Pilancones Tunte Trail belong challenge Canary Island.

After a good time in the small village Tunte, where I was talking with several people, among them Sr. Cata, Volunteers Leader Manager who recommend approach one of the most striking spots in this race called Fataga, where Gallotia Club agreed locate the last tracking control past blend with the main refresh point.

Is easy be misled by the people resounding applause, indeed here is the slope more high along entering route. Is easy appreciate we’re surrounded between small mountains in a volcanic landscape, it’s the closest thing to being walking in the moon. All this happen 7 km away to the finish line in Tunte old center .

The atmosphere here is gives me the goosebumps. In this landmark have working masseurs, volunteer podiatrists students completing the high school in the last year of physiotherapy specialty, also medallion celebration, speaker inspired.

I had the opportunity to see the chair joëllete arrives, the front person can’t look behind them and is in charge of the steering and the rear person can’t see the route and controls the speed with a brake system, not forgetting to check your passenger is also comfortable.

Medical and emergency teams work, they had several days here, but also of laughter, parties, sharing and enjoing the mountains, besides the participants, bringing their a ultimate goal, to cross the finish line in this epic race.

The next destination about solidary travels in races will be in a mythical HG Transgrancanaria 2023.

Enjoy with us !

Life is fun, be in love with every minute!

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