Drone Course

Add effects (sharpen)

Let’s discuss the sharp in effect this is the effect that you can apply and all of your clips to make it all come across looking a little bit sharper.

And it’s vital that you do this if you’ve been shooting with go pro in the pro tune mode as it does not do any sharpening in the camera and expects it to be done in post-production.

It’s very straightforward sharpening.

Need to go off and find the effects first of all on the right hand side.

So you open up your effects browser and then you come down here to your blur effect a bit counterintuitive but there sharpen the opposite of blur and then you take one clip such as say this clip here and drag sharpen onto it and you can immediately start to see the difference.

But the computer will work in the background.

I leave it to the orange line will go away as it sharpens the YEP is normally pretty quick at sharpening things.

You can impact how much sharpening is actually done you find it in the top right up here and it comes in as a standard 2.5.

That’s normally about spot on for what you’d be wanting to actually see.

So let’s have a look at that.

You can emili see in the picture the difference between sharp and when it’s on and what it was like before.

Look in the trees.

Look at the blurriness going away slowly and you can see the lines down here is coming into focus nicely.

He can increase the sharping a little bit if you want to but it starts to look pretty nasty and kind of grainy as if you’ve got a lower rez image so you want to stay pretty close to 2.5.

There’s not much point in going much higher than that.

So try and set it straight back here a 2.5.

You then need to apply sharpening to the all the rest of your clips.

I recommend you to sharpen every single clip you go in and check each one to see if anything’s been overdone which might require a little bit more sharpening but generally 2.5 is going to do the trick.

Now what you can’t do is select all of your clips like so and then drag sharpening on them it will only drag it onto one clip at a time.

But as long he already sharpened one clip you can copy the sharpening attribute and then pasted onto the rest.

So to do that you go to the clip where sharpening has been turned on you can see it up there command see to copy it.

Then you select all of the other clips you will apply sharpening to and then you edit paste attributes then you select the sharpening effect to paste that in that will start to apply a sharpening to all of the rest of the Flip’s feet.

Then go off and do that and I suggest you do that at this stage and the whole of the editing process.

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