Drone Course

Add effects (re-tining)

Let’s talk a little bit more detail about the retiming effect.

One of the most useful effects that you’ll be using There are two different ways to do retiming.

You can read time an entire clip by selecting on it going to the retime menu and then selecting one of the new times that you want the clip to run at.

You got to set times in there under the slow and fast menus.

You also got a custom time which you can click on and put a custom speed in.

There’s another way to do this and this is the quick way to do it.

So you select your clip and what you do is you type commands are.

Then this brings up the timing bar on the top.

You can do the drop down menu to quickly get to those things we talked about before or you can simply click on that green bit there a bit at the end of the green by that.

Now turn and orange and then retime it manually yourself by dragging it in and out.

Note that when you are actually doing it in this way the snap command is not working and perhaps the way that you would expect it to so it doesn’t automatically stop on that point in the music like you would expect it to normally.

Instead what you have to do is drag it just over the point.

They go to the bley tool and then cut it at the point and the blade tool does work snapping correctly then that will have got you your clip out of the size that you want.

So that’s one way to do retiming.

We will retiming the entire clip by clicking on it.

The other way to try to do the retiming is where you want to actually read time.

Part of the clip.

So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to reverse out the activities I did before click on this clear and then start from the beginning.

So imagine that we want to read time this section from here three to right about here somewhere.

Well the crude way you could do it is to get your bley tool out and then slice this up into different sections.

Select the middle section of breast a are selected the middle bit on command are to bring that bar in and then all speeded up.

Hopefully you can already see what’s actually going to happen here.

I can tell you this while we wait for the computer to regenerate the image for us that there’s been a big jump in speed where you did that cutting.

So if you watch as this actually plays here.

We get this problem and suddenly lurches forwards and then it suddenly slows down.

Now that can be quite a nice effect if you deliberately want to have that in there.

But a lot of the time you want a nice smooth ramp in speed up and down in between the bits where you’re going from the normal beat up to the fast or the slow bit or show you how to do that.

I mean undo what I’ve just done where I clipped up those clips into three bits.

And in this time this point instead I’m going to select the clip and then I go to the point where I want it to start.

I’m going to press in either in and then where I want it when I’m going to press over out.

Once that’s done you then press shift N and that is going to put a new speed bar above just that section.

And then also for the other two sections.

Now when you start to reposition the speed instead of having harsh lines here you’ve got these gentle slopes which are these grey bits.

And those dictate the ramp up of the speed from one section to another.

And you can drag them all the way out.

You’ve got a very slow ramp if you choose to.

In this way it becomes much harder to see the speed change and this is one of the ways that you can use to speed up your footage so that almost looks like you are flying faster.

So we’ll wait that for a little bit.

Is it rough times.

The computer regenerates the image for us and then we’ll have a look at how that plays so that you can see how much more smoothly it works.




Boom boom boom.

Hopefully you can see from that that that’s a much smoother way to actually adjust your speed.

And if that’s the effect that you want then that’s certainly the way to do it.

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