Drone Course

The 360

Illustrated LECTURE points

The 360 flight pattern is one of the easier flight patterns to perform.

It’s where you stay at a fixed high you spin around and circled khattar a great panoramic view.

You may not use all the circles footage in your production but it’s good to have it in the can so that you can choose the best bit.

How do you perform the 360.

You get up to a high point in your flight such as say at the top of a hill and then you hover there.

I recommend using GP made so that your position doesn’t wander.

Importantly you then you’re around in a circle as slowly as you possibly can.

Typically the mistake you’ll make is that you’ll spin too fast as multi rotors can spin extremely quickly.

In the example in the background I’ve actually gone a little bit too fast as well.

I slowed that down to 25 percent and you can see that the computer struggle to make a great vid grigio footage from that 25 percent slowdown.

Other things to consider.

You’ll gimbel should be pointing out towards the horizon.

Or slightly lower than the horizon.

The sky is typically the less interesting bit to see when you want to pick out the details from the ground.

Another thing to consider is the lighting at the time you ideally want the sun off in the background low so sunset or sunrise.

This makes for interesting shadows as you spin round and also interesting footage as the sun pans in and out of the shot.

Why do we do the 360.

What are the emotional shock types that we’re trying to generate here.

Well the key one is the beauty geographical dramatic.

It’s a great way and one of your prime ways for really showing beautiful landscape as you fly around.

There are also a couple of key flight dramatics that you will be bringing out.

By doing the 360 there’s your height fly dramatic which speaks for itself.

And then there’s the distance one as well.

Viewers will be able to pick out features in the landscape that you flew by.

Now give them a great sense of how far that you’ve actually come.

So in summary.

To achieve a good 360 flight pattern of in place then spin.

Use your jeep.

Yes mate.

Help fix you in position.

A form this ideally when the sun is low keep your gimbel level or slightly down to help pick out details.

Most importantly your ad is spin as slowly as you can.

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