We have to understand true ownership, real, deeply, not peripherally. Super deeply. We got to know what we own and what we don’t own.

We have to understand why this is our current condition? That’s the question we asked at the beginning, and here’s the reason. The reason our species continues to experience a systematic and growing loss of freedom is because we collectively do not deeply understand ownership, and we continue to commit and condone theft. This is a prison for thieves. That’s what earth is. It’s a prison for people that don’t want to respect ownership. They want to take things that aren’t theirs, and that’s what we’re here to learn. We’re here to learn that there’s only one Natural Law: stop stealing from other people. Stop taking things that you don’t own. Stop condoning theft of things that other people don’t own. Don’t condone that activity, that behavior either.

So, what is ownership? What’s the definition? What does it entail? To own a thing means that regarding that thing, an individual maintains three basic things regarding it.

The first is Rightful possession, means you acquired it without doing harm to somebody else. You Rightfully own it, lawfully own it. Okay? You’re in possession of it. You have it in your possession; it is yours.

The second thing is you control what’s usage. Your house, you control its usage. Your car, you control its usage. Your clothes, you control their usage. My computer is mine, I control its usage, I’m using it. Control of the usage of something means that you own it.

And most of all, maintaining personal responsibility for that possession is the third aspect of ownership. So, to own something means: I’m in lawful, Rightful possession of it, I control the usage of that thing, and I maintain personal responsibility for it.

And this is what we have to understand. Natural Law can be essentially reduced to one single Spiritual Law. I gave you the working definition, the sound-bite definition before. Here’s the super-simplified, two-word concrescence of all of this information. Natural Law gets boiled down to two words.

Don’t Steal. That’s it. You want the key out of the prison? You’ve got to understand property. You ought to understand all Rights or property Rights. Stop taking the property of other beings. Stop condoning the taking of the property of other beings. The end. I should just get up here and say, “don’t steal, the end, everybody go home.” It should be that simple.

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