The two Pillars

And this concept brings us to the way I try to define and explain to people what real spiritual enlightenment is because what the new age community is telling you that an enlightened being looks like is equally as a big crock of bull, of what people who don’t understand self-defense, the self-defense principle believe. Okay?

Enlightenment is not what this new age nonsense community is trying to tell people that it is. It’s not about not taking action and sitting under a tree and meditating until you’re magically enlightened, okay? Enlightenment means knowing what’s going on around you. Enlightenment means knowing what’s going on within you. Enlightening means truly knowing the true objective difference between Right and Wrong and living that in your life on a daily basis. Enlightenment means not aggressing upon your fellow human beings, but not agreeing voluntarily to be aggressed upon by them either.

There’s two pillars, two dynamics that go hand in hand with real enlightenment. I call this the two pillars of enlightenment.

So, here they are. The first pillar is the sacred feminine principle. This has been called the non-aggression principle.

It is the simple, simple, law of: don’t engage in violence. Or quite simply put: don’t steal. Don’t steal. We talked about that, that’s what all spiritual law can be boiled down to: don’t steal from other people, don’t take what isn’t yours, don’t take life that isn’t yours, don’t take property that isn’t yours, don’t take Rights that aren’t yours. They’re the property of others. Respect their ownership. Most people can grasp this pretty readily. And even in the new age movement, they grasp this. In other words, don’t immorally initiate non-rightful use of physical power to coerce, constrain, or compel the Rightful physical behavior or freewill choice of another sentient being. Respect other people’s free will, their Rights, their property, their life-period. Real simple. It’s the golden rule. Don’t do things to other people that you don’t want them done to you. I always state it in the apophatic, in the negative. It’s much more powerful that way, but there is a second principle, a second pillar or tenant of enlightenment if you will.

This is the sacred masculine principle. This is what religions of the world, whether they be government, organized religion of different regions of the world and cultures, the new age movement; this is what they want/they’re seeking to suppress because religions are right-brain modalities, their right-brain methods of mind control. Just like Government, who thinks it’s a monopoly on the physical use of force, that’s a left-brain balanced mindset.

The second pillar of enlightenment is the sacred masculine principle, which is also known as the self-defense principle. Your body’s your property. You have a Right to defend it when it comes under attack by violence. This principle states: sentient beings have the inherent Right to use force to defend themselves from violence conducted upon them by another. This is the part many people don’t get. That’s why we’re not rebelling against our slave keepers. Our slave masters, who are masters of other people in their own sick, distorted, psychopathic minds and are nothing but thugs and criminals, that people magically believe have the moral authority to continue to do what they’re doing just because they euphemized slavery and call it government now. That’s the sacred masculine principle. There is no such thing as an enlightened being that doesn’t fully grasp both of these principles anywhere, never has been. There’s no such thing as half- measures: you gotta get them fully both, or you’re not there. And that’s the problem; we’re all the way there.

I tell people, not to get nasty, but I tell people, if the founders of this country could magically come back to life somehow and see what’s going on in this country, they’d take a piss on people. That’s what they would do. That’s how much disrespect they would have for what we’re putting up with. Again, just to just say it the way it really is, that’s what they would want to do to us because they would tell us “we warned you about all of this. We warned you about it all, and you know what you did, you ignored it, ignored it.” So, what did all those people who died in that revolution die for?

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