Drone Course

Design principles editing 1

Let’s look at what the appropriate design principles are that we should be following when editing our clips.

You assume that we’ve already selected our content for usable footage.

We’ve got rid of the rubbish and we’ve got some idea as to where those clips would have the biggest impact within the actual production that we’re creating.

These are things that are covered in some of the other lectures.

What we’ve got left to do.

Well we’ve got to work out the best ways to group our clips.

We’ve got some design principles around that.

Once we group them together we then need to work out how we sequence those clips next to each other would then have to synchronize our clips to the music and then finally were going to be adding some effects.

Things like transitions in between clips sharpening the clips retiming the clips speeding them up or slowing down.

And there’s one overarching design principle around that point there.

Throughout this lecture as well as you guys getting to hear my lovely voice.

I’m also going to be playing some videos in the background behind these notes to further illustrate the points that I’m been making.

I also highly recommend that you get your notebooks out for this one.

The little tips and techniques that I have developed here will save you a lot of time in getting to creating outstanding videos.

I didn’t know these tips initially and I’ve developed them over many many hours of production and they are invaluable to follow and should dramatically increase the quality of productions that you’re creating.

The first thing that you’re going to want to do from an editing point of view is to group the clips together your editing design principle number one is to droop clips by theme.

For instance you can droop them by location.

All of the clips from a particular location or flight path would sit together and be sequenced together in some kind of manner.

This will give a great sense of cohesion to the viewer.

Another way to group them together is say by flight dramatics in one group and graphical dramatics in another group.

For instance if you’ve got a load of speed shots you’re showing the speed flight dramatic.

They make sense to go best together.

You don’t want to start mixing in some of the geographical chromatics with the speed shots as the big beauty dramatic does not necessarily fit so well with the exciting fast speed dramatic.

Keep them in separate groups.

Another way you can do it is by visual patterns so Group sunsets together surfing shots together boating shots together something like that again.

By doing this grouping it gives more of a sense of a flow to the viewer.

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