Knowing Rights

Now let me just start with this alright, you ask anybody, “how many people are voluntarily gonna pay more taxes?” Nobody’ll raise their hand. And you say, “why not?” “Well, because I can barely afford to pay the ones I’m paying right now, and I don’t want to volunteer any more money toward that endeavor.

Quite frankly I want my resources for myself to use as I see fit voluntarily.” But if the government then said well your taxes are going up by 5%, how many people would pay them? Most people would because subconsciously, or consciously, they recognize they’re under coercion. They’re actually under duress. They’re being told that if they don’t give this at the command of the people who are confiscating it, that some form of violence will be conducted upon them: whether through the form of fining them and saying “we’re gonna take more of your resources,” whether by saying “we’re going to put you in a cage and make you stay there as long as we say you need to stay there,” or by actually conducting actually physical harm upon you.

Again, we’re saying that this “Right” is given to individuals who call themselves government. And then they have the Right to confiscate this arbitrarily chosen percentage of the product of another individual’s labor. Because that’s what money is, or that’s what whatever we make through what we work, that’s the product of our labor; we work, and then we get compensated for it. So, that’s an exchange for labor that we have done, that’s our property because we gave labor in return for that. This is done whether or not the other agrees to share that product voluntarily, it’s not a voluntary process, coercion is involved. Taxation is enforced by the threat of violence, which is behavior that will result in bodily harm, or imprisonment, which is the taking away of the physical freedom of movement if those from whom the product is being seized attempt to resist this confiscation.

This practice is always “justified,” and the word justify actually breaks down etymologically, the word justify means “to create a Right,” that’s what justify actually means. So, it’s always justified or made into a “Right” by those who claim that such a practice is necessary and required to “uphold the common good.” This is the justification offered for the seizure of the product of peoples labor involuntarily.
Now, if we are honest with ourselves, if we define the concept of slavery, and I think this is a good definition for slavery: would it be fair to say slavery is the involuntary confiscation of 100% of the product of the labor of another human being? Would that be a fair definition? You’re saying you’re working; “I’m going to take whatever you generate as a result of that work that you’re doing, it doesn’t belong to you, the product of your labor doesn’t belong to you, all of it belongs to me. So, you work for me, I take everything that you have been able to amass or create through the labor that you have done.” I think everybody here would agree that’s slavery, that’s as good a definition of slavery as you’re probably going to get. I mean we can come up with some other definitions that involve coercion and physically shackling and keeping people, but if we really are honest with ourselves, what is the purpose of slavery to begin with, is to make others work for free and then take all the product of the labor. That’s what slavery was conducted for.

All forms of taxation are always Wrong according to Natural Law because they are all based in the destruction of free will, they are based on coercion, and they are ultimately based upon violence, all of which are Wrongdoings. All of which are forms of theft and all of which, not one individual has the Right to perform upon another. And this is what people want to justify and believe can be magically turned into a Right, just because they want to euphemize it and call it taxation.
Let’s look at another example: Prohibition. It’s one of my pet peeves. I’m big into health, into eating right, I’m huge into juicing, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Purification of the body is part of the purification of the mind. But I’m going to tell you, I’m 100% for anybody being allowed to put anything into their body, because they own their body. If I want to break up this remote control into little pieces and eat it with a sprinkling of pepper, then that’s my Right to do so regardless of what the chips may do to my intestinal tract. There is a reason I have the Right to eat this remote if I want to, you wanna know why? My body is my property; it belongs to me.

Could not immediately spit out “absolutely my body is my property,” because I think people want to overthink things and say “well, am I gonna own my body forever? I’m going to die one day, does that mean I own it now?” What’s the over intellectualization and mystification of this concept? I’m using my body right now, that’s why I own it, specifically. Specifically because my consciousness inhabits this body and I’m using it as the vehicle for the expression of my consciousness, is the very reason I own my own body.
So, let’s go forward with prohibition; it’s the claim that a group of people who call themselves government have been given the Right to prevent others from putting any given substance into their own bodies. And if others refuse to comply with those terms that they will be fined or imprisoned. And it should be self-evident that if an individual’s body is actually their own property, and it is, then that individual always maintains the Natural Right to decide what will or will not be put into their property, which is their body.

I’ve just made a claim that I own your body. Well, what’s the claim on the ownership of another person’s body called? Slavery, if we’re not euphemizing it and if we’re being honest with ourselves. Prohibition is merely the claim of ownership upon another person’s body is called slavery. Therefore, prohibition is merely a euphemism for slavery that is backed by violence regardless of the justifications made by those who claim such practices are “necessary” for the common good; that’s always the justification. Since no individual anywhere on earth has the Right to claim the ownership of another person’s body, such behavior can never be delegated to a group and magically termed a Right.

Therefore, all forms of prohibition are always Wrong according to Natural Law. It doesn’t matter what the substance is. It doesn’t matter what it is, how destructive it may be to the body or brain. Look, if I want to go under my sink, take some cleaning supplies and make a nice cocktail with some lye and some roach poison and some rat poison; stir it up in a water solution and go “glug, glug, glug, glug, glug.” That’s my Right. Want to know why? Because I own my body. I own my consciousness in my body- period the end. So, if I want to do that, that’s my Right to do so. Okay? Nobody has a Right to tell me what I can and cannot put into my body. Yet we accept this because of these justifications they say, “it’s for the common good. Forget what Rights are, it’s for the common good. We need to accept slavery for the common good.” Yeah. Yeah it works out like that.

So, how about licenses and permits? These are claims that a group of people who call themselves government, and again we’re going back and visualizing, imagine one person trying to make this claim to another person; nobody would find it legitimate. Nobody would find that one person may make that claim to another person.

Remembering that the definition of a Right is any action which does not cause harm to another living being or their property, there is no such thing as the “Right” to stop another person from exercising a Right. If something is a Right, meaning it doesn’t cause harm, there is no such thing as someone’s Right to stop you from performing that action. That would be called coercion, which is a Wrong. So, again that’s the visualization exercise. Would one person have a Right to conduct that action against another? If the answer is no, there is no such thing as calling it a Right and delegating it to other people and telling them “now you’re allowed to perform that behavior.” It’s always a Wrongdoing, but people because of this idea, this mind control called government, want to believe that that Right exists, that we can delegate something that is a Wrongdoing.

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