Drone Course

Design principles 3

Selecting and positioning Content


We’ve got one main design principle left to discuss around how you choose your content and decide where it should be positioned.

This design principle is this you should choose the timing as in how long your clips should be and the positioning of your content within your video depending on the main dramatic that you can see in that clip.

Experience has shown that video content with a particular main dramatic within it tends to lend itself to be certain kinds of lengths.

And it has the biggest impact in certain positions within your overall video footage and to help you determine what that should be.

I’ve built this grid for you.

I’m not going to unpack the whole grid in front of you here and now but give you a quick example of how this can be used.

So you’ve got a beauty dramatic in a clip and you wanting some hints as to what’s going to be the best way to use this in your video production to get the biggest reaction from the audience.

Well time and experience has shown that for beauty dramatics they’re best for short clips.

People get bored of them quite quickly so you don’t want them in your medium or long clips.

They sit therefore very well at the start of your overall production.

You can put them later to some degree but they’re better off at the start because that’s where they have a big powerful short sharp impact.

If you’ve got them in your overall production then you only want about maximum 30 percent of your production to have Puti clips within them.

After that doesn’t matter how many more you put in.

But the audience is going to get bored.

So this grid should give you a lot of hints for a quick reference for what you can do with your actual footage.

So there we have it for different design principles to follow.

When you’re choosing and placing content make sure that your video has an overall theme.

More focus to it.

Some of your footage can be selected around telling a story.

This is useful but not always required by any means.

Any footage that you do select select it with making sure it’s got strong dramatics within it and you can use the dramatics amplification grid to help you in that selection process the timing and the positioning of your content within your video should depend on its main dramatic and there’s a further help sheetthere to point you in the right direction for that information.

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