Drone Course

Design principles around music

Well remember the music is the very pulse of your production.

It’s the part of the overall production that everything else hangs off the glue that keeps it all together.

You’re going to be listening to your music over and over and over again as you edit all of your footage.

So you were number one design principle around the music is that you yourself needs to love the music that you’re editing too.

Otherwise you won’t you know keep your focus and your enthusiasm as you continue all of your editing for the hours that you’re gonna be putting into it to make your great production.

The next thing we’ve got to focus on with the music is it needs to have as massive of an appeal as possible to as a larger part of the audience as you can.

So you need to find three minutes of mass appeal within any track that you start trying to edit to.

And that’s tricky thing to do.

So you second design principle here is go for music that has less lyrical content in than a lot of the music that’s out there.

The reason for this is that lyrics themselves are quite polarizing so your audience are either going to love the music or hate it and we want to have a wider appeal than just a few of the people actually loving the music otherwise they’re going to turn off and switch out.

The third design principle is that the music itself needs to be medium to fast paced flying itself is a fun adventurous thing and it just does not work well for very slow musical content.

So if you want your videos to have mass appeal you need to go for the medium to fast paced tunes.

The fourth design principle is that the pace itself needs to have quite a few changes within it.

This allows you from an editing point of view to justify why you’re switching the footage from one scene to another during the pace changes you crescendos.

Each drops these kind of things.

If you look at something like Team blacksheep at the moment they’re using a lot of glitch hop as their backdrop to them their videos and the defining characteristic of clear shop is it’s got a lot of these pace changes and it works really well for flying footage.

So there we have it for key design principles around music.

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