Drone Course

Design Principles. What must go?

So we’ve collected or abarth footage.

How do we decide what not to keep what’s the stuff that we should definitely be throwing away.

Well we come back to first principles here.

We remember that every second of footage that we have we are trying to use it to entertain.

So this leads us to two clear principles from thinking through this.

The first is we don’t want any footage that is dramatically free that has no emotional impact on the user because that will not be entertaining them.

It will be boring.

So it’s clearly very boring then picture it if it has some weak dramatical content we may want to consider keeping it because through various editing techniques that were sold to talk through now you may want to amplify the emotional content of that footage.

But there’s nothing there it goes.

Second principle here is that we do not want any content that is going to break or weaken the dramatics that we can actually see in the footage.

Now there are two sources of things that will actually break or weaken dramatic.

The first comes from Flight erratics.

So this is where we’ve been flying badly and is inducing stuff in the footage that is distracting the person from looking at the emotional content.

Instead they’re seeing things such as excessive uring we were twitching left and right.

People forget to look at the scenery and they are looking at the fact that you’re jerking backwards and forwards there any sudden movements.

Well we’ve moved too quickly on our sticks and that’s going to come across badly in the footage too.

We’ve clearly missed the target that we were going for.

So we’re supposed to be flying down a line or we were supposed to be having something in our centre of our frame as we pulled up an arc flight pattern then those things will distract heavily too and they may well need to go back to the sudden movements.

I have always been taught that you need to use your sticks as if you are an ice skater not a boxer.

So are not punching them hard but you’re moving them slowly and gracefully and that will lead to footage that does not have flight erratics within it.

The other sorts of things is going to be breaking the dramatic or weakening it is our visual erratics.

These will include things such as jello where if we do not have our camera appropriately dampened the vibrations in the machine or get into the footage and cause a wobbly effect that just looks awful.

And that footage will have to go.

So make sure that you’ve got well dampened camera we’ve got any blurring going on that may come from it.

We’re flying in very low light.

We’ve got a field from the front of the camera that’s too thick and it’s not letting enough light in and that will lead to blurring and that doesn’t look good in any footage either.

So the low light as well as bad as apart from it causing blurring it won’t be hard to see many details.

So you want to avoid the low light if you can see your propellers in the footage that you probably want to ditch that as well.

It happens a little bit at the time and it may not be so bad it is there all the time it can just prove very distracting and it will break and weaken the dramatic these days.

Unfortunately we’ve got footage that is not stabilized with a camera was not on a gamble and most of it’s going to have to go as well.

Sometimes it can be nice to have because it can improve a flight dramatic that we may have and show speed and agility and so on most of the time people just see their craft jerking around all the time and they’re not focussing on the background instead.

Likewise if you do have a gimbel you need to make sure that it’s calibrated appropriately so that you don’t get horizon drift with it.

If you get high rise and drift then people see the fact that the horizon is not exactly straight and they are focussing more on that than the beautiful scene that you’re supposed to be showing them.

So there we have it.

We have to design principles around what we should not include.

Firstly don’t include anything which has no dramatical content in it at all.

As in boring content.

Secondly don’t include any content that breaks or weakens the existing chromatics such as things that come from the visual erratics and flight erratics.

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