Drone Course

Introdution to Wow Time

We’re in the end zone now.

This is where you get the chance to convert your footage into something that can be truly stunning.

You learn how to think about flying in such a way that you can maximize your chance of getting outstanding footage.

You use that thinking to plan your flight and then execute them.

So you’ve got footage with lots and lots of video dramatics in the can ready to be turned into something amazing through your editing.

I have two things to talk to you about now.

I want to talk to you about a key design principles and guidelines you should have in mind all the time whilst you are editing your footage.

I also want to run through the software how to choose for you to do that editing.

Briefly what I’m going to cover for the software houses is a generic workflow common to most editing software that is a series of steps to go from raw footage selection from that raw footage sequencing it together adding the right effects putting the final touches on it before you release your masterpiec to the world.

I’m going to demonstrate all of this for the worked example in software.

Additionally I’m going to give you some of my raw footage for you to be at a follow along with some of the techniques and things that will be going through.

Whilst you’re working in the software I want you to have some design principles in mind that you use to guide you in every single step you make while doing your editing.

Where these design principles come from.

What I’ve done extensive review and analysis of my own videos and other people’s videos looking at things such as YouTube analytics on audience retention.

When do people stay hooked to your video when do they have enough and move on.

Also looking at video comments that people all over YouTube and discussing this on web forums and face to face with other people.

They spend a lot of time producing area productions.

These design principles have won over arching focus that is everything that you produce should be designed to entertain through every minute and second of your production.

Breaking this down.

Every clip should be persuading the person to stay to the end of that clip.

Once they’ve reached the end you’re persuading them to watch every other click that you include in your production.

And once you’ve completed that video you’re persuading them to come back and look for more.

With that being your intent you’re looking for a perfect synthesis between three elements.

The flying footage and ground footage that you’ve collected the music that underpins your video an editing technique used to bring all of these together.

Bear that in mind for all of these design principles.

You can decide to follow these principles or not but you should always be following this overarching focus of making sure that you are aiming to entertain your audience for every second that they watch for these design principles are going to cover the following areas.

Were going to talk about what is the right duration for your overall video what content works best to entertain the audience.

We should have a pretty good founding already for being a decide.

That particular point.

What should not end up in your production.

What should stay on the cutting room floor.

What are the dos and don’ts of annotating your footage that is giving information about where you flew what the music is what Kit you use to actually create your video.

What’s the best way for selecting the music.

What works and what doesn’t and then finally what are the editing principles we should be following.

Such things as where should the clips be located.

How do we seek suit together effectively.

What’s the right kind of use the fex.

We should be covering.

Remember these are just principles.

All these rules are designed to be broken but not the one about aiming to entertain our audience for every second that we produce.

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