Drone Course

Introdution to pre-flying planning

Illustrated LECTURE points

This section of the Course will talk about pre-flight planning and flight day management.

We’ll start off talking about how you can identify potential flying spots and do some initial upfront validation before you get there to work out whether you might get a fly from there successfully.

Included in that discussion will be the review of a few tools that you can use to help you in your analysis will also look in more detail about how you can plan to fly those spots before you actually arrive on site.

Once we’ve done that we’ll discuss the kind of ground based footage that you could capture to supplement your aerial footage.

We’ll talk about the GoPro settings that you can use to maximize your chance of producing something stunning once you do some post-production work on that aerial footage.

I’ll also cover why those settings have been chosen which will empower you to confidently make decisions around tweaking their settings for your different flying situations.

Then we’ll move on and talk about all the things that you should be doing just before you start flying.

So before you arrive on the flying site when you actually get there the equipment things that you should be looking at.

The very first things you should be doing just as you lift off and then the things you should be doing in between each of your flights.

When you finish that you should have lots of footage in the can ready for the exciting last steps of looking at the design principles to put that footage together.

And then the editing processes we should be using to make your fantastic aerial production.

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