Drone Course

The close call

Illustrated LECTURE points

The close call flight pattern.

This flight pattern is a lot of fun and very rewarding if you can get it right.

It should lead to some excellent footage as well.

There are a couple of different things that you want to be shooting for here.

One is we get your long surface runs we are flying close to the surface for a long period of time and the surface can of course be water as well as actually land.

And the other is we are flying up to something say the top of a hill and then you do a close fly by Once you reach that particular landmark.

Very effective.

Yes you want to start off practicing doing this slow and then as you get better do it fast.

In terms of the footage that you’ll be getting the slow stuff can be just as impactful as the fast stuff.

You do need to be cautious here though.

It is really tricky to get this right.

You’re likely to have quite a few crashes as you actually practice this.

So be aware of that.

Some of the challenges you’re going to have is your field of view is severely restricted when you’re low down and close to stuff.

So rely on your spotter to get a point out if anything else is like coming into the picture so that you can take appropriate action.

As you practice increase your speed in doing this make sure you’ve got lots of spare parts to work to better replace what you’re likely to be breaking.

Practice slow and close to the ground.

Also practice on flat stuff.

You can start to move towards the hills later on.

Try doing this in different flight modes.

There are a few gotchas you need to need to watch out for.

You’re going to get wires around and other manmade objects which are going to have to be careful of quickly because you are so low to the ground.

You’re also going to have challenges with your reception.

You get better reception the higher up you are in the air you close off the ground you are more likely to get things coming in between you and your multi rotor.

So you need to be wary of that and prepared to deal with that situation when it arrives.

Why do we go for this flight pattern.

Well it’s all about the flight dramatics gets you an excellent sense of speed.

It’s the best way to get a sense of speed.

The lower you are the faster you appear to be going.

Also side effect of this is it can get you great shadows of your multi rotor out.

Sometimes those are not desirable but a lot of times they add to the sense of speed as well.

Another thing that it will provide actually is crashes.

Footage works really well and videos.

There you end up paying a pretty high price for it.

Surprisingly it will also get you a good geographical dramatic.

That is a geographical dramatic movement.

And this is where the landscape itself is moving around.

We become so prominent that it becomes the major thing that people are focussing on.

And as we talked about in the other lecture everybody loves washing stuff moving in your video.

So in summary the close call flight pattern you were a fly close to the stuff you can do this for long runs and then also for flybys.

Slow and fast both works well in your footage.

Be aware that this is tricky to do rely on your spotter.

Practice a lot first.

Be careful of reception ashes and then also of other things that you’re going to hit particularly wires which are very hard to actually see.

We do this essentially for the flight dramatic of speed.

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