Drone Course

The moving object

Illustrated LECTURE points

The movement and tracking flight pattern.

This is about the most impactful flight pattern that you can aim to master.

It’s where you’re trying to get anything moving within the shot that you’re taking.

So this could be other radio controlled vehicles that are in the sky or on the ground.

It could be birds.

It could be larger vehicles that you’re going to be tracking.

It could be people are walking along or or such as say some surfing that’s going on.

In every case it’s involving other entities that are out there.

So you need to be super cautious about when you do this.

And of course follow whatever the local laws and rules are around this for where you are flying.

You can simply view something that’s moving across your flight path.

The most impactful shots when I get where you’re actually tracking the movement of the object so you’re following a surfer along or a vehicle that’s moving makes for the very best footage.

There are a number of different ways that you can form the moving and tracking flight pattern each with increased level of complexity.

The simplest way is where you hover in the sky.

So using gpe mode and you’ll pan your machine round as a moving object moves underneath you you’re gimbel Pointing down the whole time.

Then there were a couple of increasing complex ways to do this.

The next step up is where you’re going to be tracking the movement of the objects you’re going to be following along at the same pace as them with the gimbel fixed in a down position in the most complex way to do this is where you’re doing exactly that tracking along following the object.

This time you’ll gimbel is also moving.

Now depending on how your machine is set up you may be able to get a second person to operate the movement of the gimbal which will make that a little bit easier.

There are a number of gotchas that you need to be aware of here.

The key is is that your focus is no longer just on the flying and the direction that you’re going in but is on this additional moving target.

So you need to be very aware of that.

Try and keep your primary focus in the environment at large not on the target.

If you focus too much on the target then you can run into reception issues because you’re going to get things that are obstructing your line of sight from where you are to your malty roser and also you might end up going out of range because you’re not concentrating on where you are.

Back at base.

Additionally you’re likely to be flying quite low as you can have things like wires and stuff to avoid.

You’re also likely to be using the crabbing flight pattern to better get the movement and tracking shot.

As we discussed and the other electron crabbing there are some challenges there.

Around you moving sideways and therefore you’re not actually looking out in the direction that you’re flying in.

So for instance your spotter becomes particularly important in this situation.

If you’re actually following other radio controlled vehicles then make very sure that you’re not going to have frequency conflicts where your video link or your radio control link is being shared with somebody else that’s controlling as well.

That’s a recipe for disaster and many crashes have happened because of that.

You need to all be on different channels while you do this.

Also if you got a lead flyer that you deliberately following.

Make sure that they’re talking through the moves that they’re making in the air in advance of them making it so that you can follow along smoothly afterwards.

This makes for fantastic footage and also is a good safety measure.

Why do we try to do the moon and tracking flight pattern.

Well it gets us the best geographical dramatic the one of movement that all my analysis on Youtube videos that I’ve looked at movement is the one where people are the least likely to shift off and go off and look at something else.

So if you’re using the more advanced ways of doing the movement and tracking flight pattern you get some great speed flight chromatics as well.

To summarize the movement and tracking flight pattern it’s where you’re trying to get anything that’s moving in your footage.

There are three different ways that you can do this.

You can sit still in the sky in cheapest mode and hover and pan around.

You can track at the same pace with a fixed symbol.

You can track at the same pace with moving gimbel Either of the tracking methods are going to get you more impactful shots than the hover and pan method but that still good.

You’ve got to be really careful because your focus is no longer primarily on the direction that you’re going in but is also on this moving thing.

And so you need to aim so have your focus on the environment that large and not just concentrate on the moving object.

Be very careful if you’re following other radio controlled vehicles deliberately that you are all working on different channels so that you don’t run into conflicts and cause issues that all of this is to drive the emotional shot type of movement geographical dramatic and also the speed flight dramatics.

If you were doing the more complex ways of performing the movement track and flight pattern.

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