Drone Course

The Arc

Illustrated LECTURE points

The Ark flight pattern.

This is one of the most complex flight patterns that there is what it requires you to do is to keep the target in the frame of your camera as you fly around it.

It makes for excellent footage but it is very difficult to do.

And if the target shifts outside of the frame of your camera and it stands out like a sore thumb and your viewers end up focussing more on the fact you’ve missed the shot rather than on the interesting

stuff that you’re trying to show them I suggest that you practice doing this low and close by so that anything goes wrong you can easily go and recover your multi rotor.

It does require complex stick control so it’s going to take a little bit of practice but it will be worth it.

Your goal eventually is to be able to do this at speed so you can get the best most interesting footage.

There are a few gotchas.

Be aware of the fact that you might suffer some signal loss of the object gets in between you and your multi rotor.

So make sure that you’ve had some experience in dealing with that beforehand.

Make sure that you have a way of dealing with that situation.

You should also plan to do multiple passes of this to make sure that you can get the shot in the can and whity.

The first one that you do is going to be good enough so do a few of them so you can go choose the best footage when you get back home.

Key here is that this is complex.

Safety concerns have to be paramount for you at all times.

Make sure that you’re really confident in doing this before you try and do this manoeuvre.

Why do we do the arc flight manoeuvre.

When it leads to some but very emotionally impactful shots.

So in the geographical dramatics you got the discovery reveal and the art flight pattern provide excellent discovery reveals as you pan round an object high up in the air it shows lots of detail that the viewer was not expecting to see and really Wowza them.

Also it gives fantastic cover reveals you’ve got something in the foreground that’s close to the camera and as you spin round it you get to see new parts of the background.

So make sure that you’re focussing on what’s in the background as you try to set up the shot as it’s just as important as what’s in the foreground.

Static for instance to have some low sun in the background as you revolve round things.

It gives a unique flight dramatic as well.

I call it the spy hiim we mentioned it before.

Allows you to see things from unique perspective which gives you a real sense of being a little bit like a bird.

To summarize what we’ve talked about for the art flight pattern.

It’s where you keep a target in frame as you fly round it.

It’s pretty tricky to do so practice a lot and always have safety in mind.

Each time that your bones go off and fly it.

You wear that you’re probably going to get some signal loss at some point and make sure that you’re okay with dealing with that and plan to fly your route multiple times so that you can get the best shot.

It really is worth mastering though.

It’s a great source of both the discovery and cover reveals and also the rather unique SPI high flight dramatic.

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