Keep in the right attitude

Hello from Gran Canaria, I´d just arrived, I´m in touch with a member of sustainable Las Palmas Association.

Amazing to go forward with bussines trips for digital nomad in mountain trail races through the sports services of ULP, where I have the opportunity to meet hikers lovers, activity very much requested, increasingly every year and welcome among all the universitary community.

I done this week in Las Palmas but not before joy little route in Caldera Tamadaba (near the city) with Pablo, Rebeca and the Cora, a model shepherd dog.

We have alredy presented in Trail Travel the Hike & TrailRun activity with the interpreter guide Giorgio, from “Wandering Pier“. It offers an experience in Gran Canaria that influence in the deepest of one´s inner self. 

Jorge gripping to the next post !!

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