Drone Course

The Elevator


Illustrated LECTURE points

The elevator flight pattern.

In the main.

This is one of the simpler flight patterns that you can achieve.

All you do is you fly straight up.

There are a couple of different ways that you can do this.

The classic way is we all gimbels pointing straight down to the ground.

In this situation it’s important to fly up fast.

An example of this would be if you were in a field you were pointing straight down and then you fly off fasten all the landscape appeals the piers all the way round you.

An alternative version of the elevator is wheel gimbel was pointing straight ahead or straight up.

So for instance say you were close to the bottom of a waterfall and you decide to fly up panning up the waterfall getting great footage of the water falling down or with the gimmel pointing straight up and therefore it would look like the waterfall is almost coming down top of you.

This is a tricky version of the elevator.

There are a couple of gotchas that you need to be aware of.

The first is you need to try to avoid any Your Remember it’s difficult to remove you or in post-production to help avoid you all try and do this one wingery days particularly as it best to not fly and CPS mode as CBS mode often induces your as it fights to try to keep you on track.

The other gotcha is that if you are flying with a gimmel pointing straight out or straight up say you are near to something close such as a waterfall you need to be very careful that you only go up.

It’s very easy to crash in this situation if you start to wander forward and it’s quite hard to see that you’re doing so until it’s too late.

Why do we go for the elevator kind of flight pattern.

Well it produces excellent geographical dramatics.

For instance the cover of Il is easily achieved through the elevator flight pattern.

Imagine you’re panning up a waterfall with a waterfall close in front of the camera and then as you reach the top you come over the top and you can see the river behind the discovery reveals also superbly achieved through the elevator flight pattern.

It’s your gimbels pointing straight down toward say a field and you shoot off up into the air and you suddenly reveal all of these details in the surroundings that the viewer had no idea that were going to be there.

Also excellence good flight dramatics particularly when you’re flying straight up.

Very good for showing speed and height.

So in summary for the elevator flight mode essentially you fly straight up.

It’s going to be doing this with a you gimbels in straight down position.

It is very effective footage to fly up fast fly much lower.

It will give the bullet pointing straight out or up and you’re fly near to something as that’s an easy situation to crash in.

Avoid gpe mode and the wind as both of these contribute to your.

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