Drone Course

Flight Dramatics 5


The Squeeze – (illustrated LECTURE points)

Flight chromatics giving the viewer the experience that they share in your flying super power.

Let’s have a quick recap here on what we’re trying to do around these dramatics.

Well let’s start from the top.

We’re trying to make an outstanding video.

That video is going to be edited together from a series of clips the clips will consist of footage that gives an emotional response to the viewer that has dramatics within them.

Those dramatic sure were achieved by flying a specific set of flight patterns that are most likely to generate clear strong dramatics.

The set of dramatics that we’re looking at right now are those that come from the feeling like you’re actually flying in order to have collected the footage.

Specifically we’re looking at the squeeze flight dramatic.

This is where the user gets the feeling that you as a pilot were able to fly almost anywhere you wanted to because you were able to fly through some narrow gaps successfully and safely.

The kind of flight patterns that are going to lend to the squeeze flight dramatic will be partly a close call.

This is where you’re flying in proximity around lots of stuff near to things.

And this really emphasizes this flight dramatic.

Well the line is also a great way to do it.

You need to have some reference points to fly along that you’re flying near to be able show that you’re getting through these squeezed tight gaps and the elevator is another way you can do it if you’re flying straight up say between some tree branches.

This is typically easier to do if you’ve got a smaller quad because you’ve got more room to manoeuvre kind of places that you might be doing it with the gorges arches maybe some pipes on a building site somewhere.

Might be some trees that you’re flying around.

And increasingly there are a number of actual multi rotor assault courses that you can go and fly around where you can pick up this sort of footage.

I recommend that you take the route slowly at first to make sure you can get round it without any reception issues.

And then you can redo it a little bit faster to get the shot that you’re going to end up using in your final footage.

There are a few gotchas reception issues is the key one.

Don’t go round corners.

If they’ve got solid walls because then you can have a solid wall in between you and the multi rotor and you’ll be losing your connection.

Also you don’t need to go that fast to get this dramatic.

To get a strong dramatic Spo speed and proximity help emphasize this.

So you want to fly quite close to the edges of things and if you can do it quite fast it really emphasizes your ability to fly safely and well you don’t need to worry too much here on any flight erratics it may creep into your footage.

So if you’re twisting around a little bit in ASH that can actually act positively and at the sense of being able to fly.

A sweep in from an unconfined area to get down into the confined area can also set the scene nicely.

So you might start off in a wide valley and then sweep in as the actual Valley narrows to really help this sense and the strong dramatic here.

Once you editing this footage it’s likely to end up in longer clips which are therefore going to typically end up further on in your actual overall production.

You can also use slowmo to great effect if you’re actually getting some quite close to stuff here to really emphasize your ability to be able to fly well.

So there we have it the squeeze flight dramatic.

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