Drone Course

Flight Dramatics 3



Height – (illustrated LECTURE points)

Flight dramatics helping the viewer feel like they can fly.

This lecture we’re going look at the height.



The flight patterns that help with this the best are the elevator the 360 the crab in the line.

The elevator gives the strongest feeling of height because you’ve normally got a reference point where you started off on the ground and then you moved up to a height.

The 360 works well because you’re already quite high but it’s not as strong as the elevator could.

You don’t always have that initial reference point of being on the ground line and the Crab have some details in them.

So this acts as a good reference point to help emphasize that you were also high up in the air.

How do you do this.

Well the best way to get the height flight dramatic is to go straight up with gimbel Starting off in the DOWN position or with it pointing straight out and flying close to something such as a cliff edge.

Another great way you can do this is with a gimbel Pointing down near the surface and then you fly out over an edge such as a cliff edge.

Excellent way to give a higher flight dramatic.

There are a bunch of gotchas you need to be wary of here.

There are normally some local regulations around how high you’re actually allowed to fly.

You should also be extremely sure that there is no other air traffic around if there is stay on the ground because the higher you are more likely it is that you could have a collision.

Don’t go up through the Cloudbase.

Other aircraft won’t be able to see you.

And also it makes a very boring footage.

Be aware that coming down can actually be quite tricky and quite slow and it uses power.

So if you’re going to do the do these and go for this particular dramatic if you’re right towards the beginning of the shots you’ve got plenty of power to be at a come down nice and smoothly.

Also be aware that some antenna will actually have a no point directly above them where you may lose your link.

So if you are going up high try not to do it directly over your own head.

To get a strong flight dramatic.

Best way to do this is to start off initially clearly close to the ground and then move up.

That would really help emphasize the height.

Also be aware that as your height increases the impact of this dramatic falls away quite quickly.

So there’s no point in going that high.

You have got most of the dramatic from your initial ascent.

If you’ve got some mist in the view when you’re high up that can also help emphasize for instance the height dramatic.

Once you’ve got this footage then you only want to put a small amount of it in your overall production.

People love the fact that you’re going up high but they don’t need to see that much of it.

It can be very useful for some good opening clips and it gives a short sharp emotional response and then that’s kind of it.

So there we have it the height dramatic.

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