Drone Course

Geographical Dramatics 3

The Discovery Reveal – (illustrated LECTURE points)

More scenes with the big emotional punch.

Specifically here we’re looking at the discovery reveal quick recap.

Trying to make a great video you can edit some footage to get into that great video.

The footage you select from all of the hours that you’ll be filming will be the footage with the big emotional content in the dramatics to get footage with big emotional content in you fly some specific flight patterns that will get you a higher percentage of footage with the dramatics within it.

Civic dramatics that we’re looking at here are those that come from looking at the beauty in the landscape.

Specifically we are talking about the discovery reveal the discovery reveal is where you are showing unexpected details and features of the landscape to the audience the emotion that you’re generating here.

It’s something along the lines of satisfying their curiosity you pique their curiosity a little bit as they start to see that there may be some details there and then you shodan those details and it will satisfy them.

Is distinct different from a Cover Reveal which is all about having something up close and getting it out the way so you can show the details behind the discovery reveal you typically won’t have anything up close.

You’ll seal off the landscape and then you’ll show them more of that detail.

Different examples of this for instance you might be flying up towards a clock tower and you getting close and shown that clockface clearly you might be flying up a valley you see a waterfall at the end.

You get up to the top of the waterfall so you can show them where the water’s just coming over the ledge.

It could be people or animals that you discover on a path in a jungle that you’re flying along.

It could be rivet ruins it revealed themselves in the jungle when they were least expecting it or extra details on a ridge such as mist flying through a gap that nobody was expecting to be there.

How can he do this.

Well does it really matter what speed you’re flying at.

Well typically want to start off fairly fast.

As you approach the details and then slow down so you can get a good shot at yourself as the pilot will not be aware necessarily that these interesting details are going to be there till you’re up in the air.

So expect to make multiple passes then fly a better line into it so that you can get a good discovery reveal what your battery is you do those multiple passes as well.

Also use the symbol to help pick out the details move that around so you can get some really good shots of stuff.

What do you do here to get a strong dramatic a real strong sense of satisfying people’s curiosity when they start to see some details in your footage.

Well the inbal down giving the people of erdos eye view is an excellent way to give some really strong dramatics around this.

The more interesting details the better for what you’re showing them and this can be completely normal items that they would see what they’re seeing it from a bird’s eye perspective which makes it extra interesting.

If you’re combining this with your line flight pattern then you would use this to help tell a story as you progress down the valley.

Show the ruin then the waterfall then the sunset at the end.

What flight patterns lend themselves best to leading to the discovery reveal.

Well all of them to some degree will generate these but the strong ones are you’re line flying in a straight line or sideways so the line and the crab flight also the elevator and the ark.

Real strong ways for getting the discovery reveal.

You fly up something around something you’re revealing these details that appear there.

Orchard’s what things you need to watch out for.

You mustn’t have any flight erratics within this.

It will weaken the dramatic people.

Focus will be taken off these interesting details you show them showing them and then more concentrating on the fact that you were twitching from left to right.

So make sure that you’ve got a good flight control skills to achieve this.

Well also be careful of reception challenges.

Sometimes you’re diving down to go and have a more closer look at the details or something you’ll forget the fact that you might be putting an object in between you and the drone.

What do we do with these clips once we’ve got them back home.

Well you’re going to end up with a whole range of length of clips for these.

It will be a big part of your overall production.

Typically you want to play some lot later on in the shot.

Otherwise some of your stuff you’d be giving away too early.

You can snip out a little bit up front to give people a taster but then place it later on.

These make for great thumbnails because they’ve got lots of detail in them.

And then you a thumbnail that you post to advertise your video.

People will see that detail and they’ll be curious to want to come off and find out more.

You probably need to use some good editing techniques as well to remove some of the boring approach part of the discovery reveal.

FO for instance retirements us you can speed it up or chop out some sections as well.

So there you’ve got it.

The discovery reveal.

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