Drone Course

Geographical Dramatics 2


The Cover Reveal – (illustrated LECTURE points)

Moore who’s an wow’s from the landscape that you’re seeing.

This time we’re looking at the cover of veal.

This is a big one.

Lots of fun to fly as well.

It’s a quick recap.

He’s shooting to produce an outstanding video.

You can edit lots of footage into clips to make that outstanding video clips that you choose from all of that edge that you shoot are going to have strong emotional components to them.

The dramatics.

You get clips with lots of dramatics in them.

If you follow flying specific flight patterns the dramatics that we’re looking at now are the dramatics that come from when people are looking at the landscape that they’re seeing in the video footage you’re putting in front of them.

We’re specifically covering off the Cover Reveal.

This is used in filmmaking generally it’s where you generate a sense of surprise for the audience.

They’ve got something that really close to the camera and they can’t make out exactly what’s going on.

And then you remove that thing that is covering up the huge background say yond it.

And you reveal it to them and they’re like wow there are different ways you can achieve this.

You can go from flying.

We have something that’s in close distance wise to you.

And then something that’s far away.

So over the top of the ridge and then you go the whole of Hong Kong harbour behind you.

Similarly it’s where you’ve got something that is obscured and you reveal it.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be distance away to far.

It might be where you’ve got one building that appears behind another building as you fly around that other building or so you can get it from when you’re penned in to suddenly feeling free.

So you’re flying down a gorge and then you’ve got the big valley opening out beyond you afterwards.

How do we achieve this.

Well flying up and over a ridge is a great way to do it flying close to the rich people can see all the grass and the greenery.

And you come up over the top and you’ve got the beautiful landscape or wherever is of interest beyond.

Similarly you can fly.

We are flying straight ahead not over the region as nothing that close to you.

And then you pan the Gameboard down the land below was effectively obscured by the way that you were gimbel was pointing.

And as another version of the Cover Reveal.

You can also fly it.

We are flying towards something and then you start to pan around it.

So all of the different background gets revealed in that way.

Another great way to do it is when you fly with gimbel pointing straight down say you are on the top of a river and then you fly out over a ledge or over a cliff edge and then you got that depth suddenly appearing below you.

Fantastic way to do a cover a reveal.

To get a really strong dramatic of this a real strong sense of surprise you need to do these kind of things.

You want to go for extremes.

Real close up then real far away.

Really boring.

There’s something really interesting in terms of features lighting patterns.

You can also give people a bit of suspense when they give them a hint that they’re going to see something you don’t quite show it to them yet.

So it might be beautiful dappled sunlight coming through a tree that you rise up over the top of that tree.

Bang they’ve got the full sunset for them to see.

Alternatively it might be the opposite.

We it’s total surprise but no idea what to expect.

They come over the ridge looks like they’re in jungle and then suddenly you’ve got the whole of Hong Kong harbour behind you.

So total surprise.

Finally you’re doing a flying gimbel combination where you’re flying along and one direction and you also start to move the gimbal at the same time.

It generates a very strong dramatic for this particular one.

What are the flight patterns that lend themselves best towards this dramatic.

Well the elevator and the arc are you real ones that you want to be going for here.

So you’re flying up something directly.

You come over the top and then there is your cover reveal for the arc.

You’ve got some object that’s in the centre of your frame particularly or quite close to it.

Then as you pan around it you constantly revealing the background behind.

Close call is also an obvious one for this.

You’re flying proximity you always flying close to stuff and it’s constantly revealing things that are just behind it.

You can also get this from line flying as well.

Either direct ahead for the line flight pattern or sideways for the crap.

I’m not so definite a way to actually get cover reveals.

But they also tend to crop up for that line pattern flight pattern as well.

Things to watch out for things that will weaken the dramatic end to fly too fast for this one.

If you do you get less of a sense of what’s actually happening.

And people are more looking at the fact that you’re flying fast so don’t do that fly fairly slowly.

Also be careful of lighting changes.

These can really distract and they lose particularly if they lose detail.

It gets darker.

People concentrate more on that fact rather than the reveal.

So a case in this point would be you flying over a ledge and then you’ve got a waterfall below.

But it happens to be quite a lot darker.

That wouldn’t be so good.

Also you don’t want to be turning your left or right at all.

You really need to be staying straight.

If you do start turning and people are more focussed on that and it really takes the wind out of the dramatic here.

What do we do with these clips once we’ve got them in the can.

Well if you’ve got a beauty shop and beauty shots typically happen after the cover reveal you want to place that after you’ve placed the clip with a cover of reveal in otherwise you’ve got rid of your element of surprise.

Cover reveals you’re flying a little bit slower.

You’re showing people quite a lot of details a lot of what is actually happening.

They tend to be medium to long length shots as well.

So expect that you can chop them up for instance where you show just up to the point of where they reveal is about to happen.

Teasy audience audience something cool that’s going to be seen and then play the rest of the reveal in fact the whole reveal again later on in your overall production that works extremely well.

You can also go for great slowmotion just at the point of reveal particularly if it’s something really dramatic like say a huge waterfall that you’ve just flown over the edge of.

So there we have it the cover reveal.

This is one of the most dramatic that you can get.

You should always be looking to try to achieve this.

You can have a lot of fun flying it.

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