Drone Course

Flight Dramatics 1


Speed – (illustrated LECTURE points)

Flight dramatics.

This is where the emotional response the viewer is getting from the footage that you are showing them is related to the fact that you are clearly flying around in the air with your camera.

I liken it to the fact that you as the pilot get a sense of almost having a superpower being able to fly and the flight dramatic is whether you are sharing that experience with the viewer.

There are a number of different flight chromatics three of them clearly sit together speed distance and height.

And in this lecture we’re going to look in some more detail at the speed dramatic.

The emotion where you will be able to move fast around the landscape.

Flight patterns that lend themselves well to generating this are the close call where your flies flying in proximity to something is near to something helps emphasize the sense of speed.

Similarly with the elevator you could start off I have your inboard down wind very close to something and then shoot up into the air.

That’s an excellent way to generate this dramatic.

You are also going to get it from flying in a line other straight ahead with the line flight pattern or sideways with the crab where the fact that you were flying along a line axis a great reference point for people to be able to realize that you were actually flying at speed.

Similarly if you’re tracking a moving object that also acts as a reference point and generates the speed dramatic.

How do you wanna go about doing this.

We’ll start off practicing very carefully in wide open spaces.

If you fly in GP s mode then it is slower but it’s generally easier to use when you’ve got a good satellite link.

You fly in attitude mode.

This is a good balance so it makes for some nice stable flight but it does give you momentum so you don’t stop Ed anymore when you’re flying along to be wary of that you are flying a little bit faster so that adds to the speed.

Dramatic manual is best to get the fastest flying and therefore the biggest dramatic but it is really really tricky to practice those and work out which one works best for you.

You can also fly with the wind.

If you got some moderate wind and this will obviously increase your speed.

Things to look out for.

If you do decide to fly with the wind to generate this dramatic watch out he’s got to return and fly back into the wind it’s going to take up a load more power.

You’re going to need to watch your battery.

Also look out for reception issues.

You’re flying quite fast and you may move out of range or you may move behind objects quickly and run into trouble.

To help generate a strong speed dramatic or the closer you are flying to things then the slower you need to fly to get a generate that dramatic.

Conversely if you fly too high it’s hard to tell how fast you’re going so the dramatic would be reduced.

If you’re tracking a line were moving object and that gives you the reference point to help emphasize the dramatic in a stronger way.

Once you’ve got your speed dramatic clips.

Then it’s best to use these after the opening of your production as the clips will typically be longer and or medium length and therefore they won’t work out so well at the beginning.

Don’t want to overuse these these clips either.

The impact that it has on the viewer W in quite quickly enough to see it.

Then they’ve got the idea and they want to see the next clip.

You can’t generate the speed dramatic back well by simply speeding up your slower footage.

It works okay up to about a hundred and fifty per cent speed but beyond that comes very clear that that’s all you’ve actually gone and done.

So there we have it speed flight dramatic.

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