Drone Course

Geographical Dramatics 4

Movement – (illustrated LECTURE points)

Geographical dramatics the footage with a really big emotional punch.

Specifically here we’re looking at the movement dramatic for we get into that.

A quick recap on what we’re trying to achieve here.

This time again were upwards.

You start off flying a set of flight patterns.

If you fly those flight patterns Well and specifically you end up with footage with great dramatics within it with a strong emotional content then added up that footage to get your final production.

Kind of the motional content that you can end up with.

We’re talking about here your geographical dramatics.

That is we were getting a response to what people are seeing in the geography in the scene specifically that this lecture were going to be talking about the movement dramatic.

This one is kind of a unique one this is not about the flight dramatic it’s not about giving people an emotional response that you got a sense of flying around and through the air.

This is where they’re getting a response because they’re seeing something that’s interesting in the landscape that’s moving around and they get excellent responses and they’re very unlikely to turn away from your video when you’ve got movement dramatics in your footage.

The best video that I have made to date the one that’s had the strongest response from viewers has been one surface.

Examples of where you can get the movement dramatic from.

You might have erred flying across your line of flight.

You may have just waves simply moving there without anybody on them.

It could be people that are walking along.

It could be other remote control vehicles that you’re flying with.

What can you do to get a really strong movement dramatic from your footage or surprising counters work very well where it’s clear that you weren’t expecting something to be moving to be coming into your line of sight.

You need to be careful as a pilot if you’ve got that happening so that you can take appropriate actions to stay out of things way.

That urge is a good example of this water very works very well if you’ve got something moving into and then out of the frame.

Proximity also works well.

You’re close to the thing that’s moving.

It really gives a good dramatic.

Be very very careful and don’t do this if you haven’t got the flight skills.

It’s also important to track the moving object if you’re able to as well and you’re flying along at the same pace as it.

It really adds to the dramatic.

Doing this all fast too works extremely well and it’s important to have a symbol in lower down pointing towards where the detail is to get the best strength of this dramatic.

Recap on which flight patterns will lead to this dramatic.

Will any flight pattern it could occur in the one that you’re really going for here is that this dramatic is kind of unique and it really has one matching flight pattern that gets this which is of course where you’re deliberately trying to follow a moving object when you’re flying along.

The others will get there too flying along in a line or flying sideways in a line for the crab that will get you quite a strong dramatic here because it adds to the overall sense of movement because you’re going along a specific line.

Proximity works well too.

So flying the close call works excellently.

But in that particular case it’s because if you’re really close to stuff it looks like the whole landscape itself is moving around you.

It this overall overwhelming sense of movement.

What are the things to watch out for here.

Well a load of detail in the movement flight action pattern lecture that you need to look at.

But let me just reiterate it again.

So careful trying to fly to get this particular dramatic other things are moving in the landscape.

You do not want to come into any contact with them or scare them or anything like that.

So I can’t emphasize that enough.

If there’s something that you’re supposed to be tracking then make sure you’re doing this well.

Otherwise it will weaken the dramatic as people will be drawn to the fact that you kind of miss the shot you’re going to get your strongest dramatics from where you are tracking a moving object and you’re moving the gimbal.

You still get strong dramatics but they’ll be slightly weaker when your more stays in a fixed state.

You get the weakest dramatic from this whether you are say or hovering and then panning around to follow something that’s moving it will still be a good dramatic.

It won’t be as good as the other two options.

What can you do with this footage once you’ve got it back home.

Well you can position it anywhere in your production.

People love things with movement in them.

It doesn’t lend itself so well to being chopped up a lot.

People want to see the length of the movement and the result of that the clips tend to be medium to longer clips.

Slowing it down works extremely well as well so make sure that you’ve got a high frames per second setting on your camera so that when you do slower slow it down you still got great quality footage.

So there you have it the movement dramatic.

This is a very powerful one to get into your footage.

But again I leave you with safety first on this.

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